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   Chapter 1956 A Fierce Battle Was About To Begin

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"Who am I? I'm just an old man, so few people know me.

You can call me by my last name Fang like others do," the white-haired elder told Elder Saul with a smile.

Regardless of the circumstances, he was acting very kind.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Fang," Elder Saul greeted loudly from his spot several meters away.

As he spoke, he was trying to figure out where he had seen or heard of this old man before, but no matter how much he strained his memory, he couldn't think of a time.

'How has he stayed underground while being at the Immortal Transforming Realm? I know everyone at that level, ' Elder Saul thought as his face contorted with confusion.

"This young man is my friend. Can you do me a favor? Please let him go," the old man said to Elder Saul, keeping his posture very relaxed.

It was clear he wanted to avoid a fight.

"Mr. Fang, there is something you don't know about this young man. He is arrogant, cunning, and always steals other people's treasures and opportunities.

And that is without mentioning how much he loves killing innocent people. An elder and many disciples in our sect have been murdered by him. Moreover, he slaughtered many members from the ancient, top sects and four martial arts schools in the Middle Pilgrim Land. We're here for revenge.

If we don't kill him, I'm afraid it will be difficult to give the top-notch sects and the four schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land an explanation.

Please don't get involved," Elder Saul replied after a bit of thought.

He thought he had Austin in the palm of his hand and now things were about to get complicated for no reason.

However, he wasn't afraid of Mr. Fang. They were an even match.

"Actually, I already knew all of this about Austin. That is why I came.

I think you are the one who is a little extreme and out of control. This young man is weak compared to you and he was trying to survive.

Once cultivators had entered the Fallen Immortal World, they could choose to get the treasures or leave them. There is no rule against robbery, so you can't accuse him of that.

Killing is inevitable in trials and competitions between cultivators. I bet everyone here has taken other people's lives.

In order for a cultivator to become strong, they have to go through the cruelness of competition.

And lastly, this is a fight between young cultivators. We have no business sticking our noses in,"

Mr. Fang explained, crossing his arms over his chest and looking E

to get involved,"

Elder Saul repeated, gesturing with his head at Austin.

"I will not let you hurt this young man,"

Mr. Fang said, shaking his head firmly once.

"In that case, we have nothing more to say," Elder Saul said, laughing gently.

Excitedly, he took a few steps forwards and shook out his arms.

Percy Gao looked grave and also drew closer to Austin.

The three powerful, great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm were about to battle and

the outcome would be written down as history.

Everyone in the crowd believed that Elder Saul and Percy Go would defeat the old man beside Austin.

Since the three of them had the same vital energy realm, the side with more people were bound to win.

Watching from behind, Austin began tapping his fingers nervously against his thighs.

"Please let me out, master,"

Brady said to Austin.

"Brady, what are you talking about?"

Austin stopped watching the oncoming battle for a few moments and scrunched his forehead in confusion.

"I need to stop the battle from happening.

If three powerful cultivators of the Immortal Transforming Realm fight, the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land will be destroyed just from the force of it.

In fact, a hundred thousand miles in all directions will be flattened.

It's our job to stop them,"

explained Brady.

"But you're only at the Heavenly Grotto Realm. How are you going to stop them?"

Austin asked, more confused than ever.

"I can't stop them, but you can,"

replied Brady.

"Me? How?"

His mind raced to think of a way he could stop three masters that were miles more advanced than himself.

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