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   Chapter 1954 Been Scared Out Of His Wits

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'What? There's no way! My eyes have to be playing tricks on me.

He's a master at the Immortal Transforming Realm!' Austin thought, letting his hands drop to his sides.

The elder in yellow looked so average but it appeared his normality was his greatest power. No one ever saw it coming.

Every eye of the people in the Flame Holy Land landed on this elder and examined him cautiously.

Worry coursed through them because as soon as he had stepped out, the people from the old, top-notch sects and the four martial arts schools from the Middle Pilgrim Land appeared smug.

Even if they didn't know the elder's secret, there was a vibe surrounding him that was contagious. Soon, all eyes were on him, waiting for him to attack.

Breaking the short silence, the handsome, young man whose father was the leader of the Unworldly Sect burst into laughter. He clutched his stomach and bent over as giggles tumbled from his lips.

"Austin, today is the day you and the Flame Holy Land will meet your doom! I can't wait to watch!

Elder Saul, this is the man that murdered Elder Cowell and a couple other disciples. He showed them zero mercy.

And if that weren't enough to destroy him, he also stole the divine wine, three ultimate magical treasures, and the most precious martial skills in that hall in the Fallen Immortal World. Those were supposed to be ours.

But this selfish asshole took them all for himself.

Don't let him go!

He is part of this shitty Flame Holy Land.

We must destroy all of it," the son of the leader of the Unworldly Sect told the elder in yellow.

His face was cloaked in red as he glared in Austin's direction, panting heavily from his rant.

Before the elder could respond, another dashing, young man dressed in silver armor walked out from the team of the Unworldly Sect. He approached the elder and blocked the young man from the Unworldly Sect from view.

"Elder Saul, Austin actually took the silk cocoon of the divine silkworm right out from under my nose.

That cocoon of the divine silkworm belonged to us.

Please bring him to justice, Elder Saul!" he added desperately.

Austin narrowed his eyes as he recognized the young man in silver as one of the strong cultivators who had fought with him over the divine silkworm.

Within seconds, the people of other sects and four universities in the Middle Pilgrim Land changed their minds about Elder Saul.

He had seemed like a hope to all of them but it was becoming clear that he worked for the Unworldly Sect.

'He will help the Unworldly Sect by giving them all of Austin's treasures. We will get nothing from him, ' they thought, exchangi

forming Realm.

In the Divine Continent, the great masters who had reached the Immortal Transforming Realm could only be found in the old, top-notch sects and four martial arts schools in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

At least it provided an explanation for the old, influential sects and four schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land becoming so strong and no one being brave enough to battle or steal from them—no one but Austin.

For the first time, Austin felt foolish for thinking he was invincible.

He quickly was dragged in front of Elder Saul and stopped there. He was unable to move at all; his hands were bound to his sides and his legs were as heavy as rocks.

"Boy, you should give up now.

I will teach you an important lesson now and I hope you can learn from it.

No more games.

And afterwards, I would let you go, but the people here won't agree with that,"

Elder Saul explained nonchalantly while Austin listened carefully.

As insane as it was, Elder Saul showed no emotion.

Austin figured it was so he could prove he was superior to everyone and that he wasn't fazed by what Austin had done. The fact made Austin fill with rage.

His blood pumped faster and it seemed it was the only thing that could move on his entire body.

All of a sudden, Austin burst into laughter.

"What's wrong with him?"

The sound was loud in the anticipating silence. Everyone else appeared confused as they looked at him.

"Has he been scared out of his wits?

How dare he behave like this in front of a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm? He is courting death!"

No one seemed to have the answers. They all watched him; some were curious, some were laughing at him, some were disdainful, some were heartbroken, and some were helpless.

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