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   Chapter 1953 The Great Master Of The Immortal Transforming Realm

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"Ha-ha! I have told you many times that the Flame Holy Land is protected by an incantation cast by the very first masters of our sect. You cannot destroy us that easily!"

Elder Sharp said steadily. His faint voice overpowered the area, breaking the dead silence of the crowd.

Although his voice was calm, he spoke with more than a hint of menace.

At this time, the people who gathered including the large sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land, the four famous martial arts schools, and the seven large sects in the East Mainland, looked sullen.

They had thought that they could tear down the Flame Holy Land in one operation since they had gathered a fleet of warriors and came here aggressively.

Clearly, they miscalculated the situation.

The people of the seven major sects of the East Mainland felt more bitter and indignant than the others.

The holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land, the leader of the Shen Clan, the holy lord of the Arcane Holy Land, and the holy lord of the Vasteras Holy Land were all severely injured.

The holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land was the most wounded with half of his body wrecked. His vital energy was critically impaired and his cultivation base was dropping.

"For a relatively small-scale holy land in the East Mainland, it is surprising that it can gather so many skilled masters and home abundant magical treasure. We obviously underestimated the enemy,"

an elder of the Unworldly Sect snorted.

"Humph! Such a sect may be considered extraordinary in the East Mainland, but for us members of the Middle Pilgrim Land, who are you to blow your own trumpet? You barely qualify in terms of land area,"

the elder of the Black Inferno Sect said scornfully.

"Blow our own trumpet?


Who asked you to come here and ruin the peace of our holy land?

You are the ones who assembled your troops from different sects to come here in a disappointing attempt to destroy us.

And now you tell me we blow our own trumpets as if we seek validation of our greatness as a land? How dare you threaten me in my own home?

Speak to me once you prove yourself a worthy adversary, you mutt!"

Elder Sharp said laughingly. His comeback was sharp and showed no signs of concession.

"What did you call me?! You...

Don't think that with the magical ascendancy of the Flame Holy Land over the major sects and the prominent martial art schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land that you can set yourself against us.

To tell you the truth, the warriors from the Mid

le Pilgrim Land. The former always flattered and grovel to the latter.

Elder Sharp and Austin's hostile attitudes were considered irreverent.

In the middle of the verbal skirmish, a voice was heard.

"What a lively state of affairs.

It is good. Members from such a small holy land can be so tough. Having lived for so many years, I am so surprised."

All of a sudden, someone chortled.

An old man in a yellow linen shirt suddenly appeared.

He was wearing plain clothes and looked rather ordinary. The old man even seemed to be weak and stooped.

If he blended right into the crowd, no one would take a second look at him.

There also seemed no vital energy force inside his body. He stood there casually, like an average man led astray on a battlefield and had never practiced martial arts.

No one even knew when he arrived or who he was.

Like magic, he appeared in front of everyone in a flash. That was the most horrifying part!

"Elder Saul!

It's Elder Saul!"

"Ha-ha. I present to you Elder Saul! You Flame Holy Land garbage are dead now!"

"Good heavens! It is Elder Saul! I thought he had come back to the Middle Pilgrim Land.

I didn't expect to see him here."

As soon as the old man in the rough linen shirt was identified to be Elder Saul, all the people of the Middle Pilgrim Land and the four famous martial arts schools cheered as if they knew they had already won the battle.

On the other hand, the people from the Flame Holy Land panicked and felt anxious.

"This is not good.

He's a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm!"

Austin suddenly received a message from Elder Sharp. He knew they were in grave danger.

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