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   Chapter 1951 Gaining The Upper Hand (Part One)

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"Mr. Yannick!"

The moment Austin saw him, he hurried to greet him.

Elder Brendan quickly manipulated the array and opened a door to let the people from the Deep Sea Commercial House in.

"I've come with my people, as soon as I got the news. I am glad we finally are able to make it here in time,"

Yannick said with a modest laugh.

"That was very thoughtful of you, Mr. Ren. Thank you so much for coming here,"

Austin said.

"By the way, how's Miss Stacy doing? Is she alright?"

Austin asked giving him a warm hug.

"Stacy is fine. But now as she got the heritage of that formidable madam, she is still in seclusion for cultivation. At present, it is not suitable for her to come out. She needs more time to cultivate herself and become stronger,"

said Yannick with a warm smile.

"Earlier when Stacy was chased, she was almost caught and killed. We came to know that the people of the Rudimentary Holy Land were behind all this.

I almost fell into the trap of the Rudimentary Holy Land in the Sunset City. It is unforgivable. I will get even with them for this."

He raised his head and looked at the sky, where the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land was forced back by the Earth Hermit. He gnashed his teeth in fury.

"Mr. Yannick!"

Austin was stunned to hear it all. It looked like Yannick also wanted to join the fierce battle taking place high up in the sky.

Each of them had an ultimate magical treasure in their hands when they were fighting fiercely in the sky.

However, as much as Austin knew, it was also a fact that the Deep Sea Commercial House didn't have any ultimate magical treasure with them.

Therefore, everyone knew that it would be very dangerous for Yannick to join the fight in the sky.


udimentary Holy Land secretly breathed a sigh of relief.


You are screwed now!"

the Earth Hermit laughed as he spoke.

The short stick in his hand was glowing and it magnified infinitely. Gradually it turned into a huge stick, smashing down from above towards the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land.


The white jade bracelet couldn't resist it anymore and was flung far away.


The holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land screamed in pain. Half of his body was smashed into pieces. Blood and flesh was splashed all over the sky. The rest of his body was thrown far away like a broken kite.

"Go to hell!"

Yannick wasn't going to let him go easily. The next moment, he rushed to the holy lord with the bronze mirror in his hand.

At the same time, the Earth Hermit turned around and began to attack the other men.

Now, in a few moments the number of men on both sides had become even.

On the side of the Flame Holy Land, there were Elder Sharp, five middle-aged men, the Earth Hermit, Ward, the old Taoist from the fire crow race, and also Yannick of the Deep Sea Commercial House. That was a total of ten people altogether.

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