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   Chapter 1950 The Reinforcements Of The Flame Holy Land

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"I haven't seen you in a long time, old man! Where have you been?"

Austin asked the man standing in front of him.

"Well! I have been in isolation. Up until a few days ago, I was cultivating, away from everything and everyone. And now! I have figured out the inheritance left by the Purple Immortal.

Do you remember the blood, the shroud and the wooden fish in that coffin? The Purple Immortal's personal legacy was actually contained within them,"

Earth Hermit said, his mouth slowly curling into a smile.

"Are you being serious, old man?!"

Austin's joy was apparent when he responded.

The Purple Immortal used to be an ancient human master and the inheritance left by him was extraordinary. Austin had never imagined that Earth Hermit could really get it.

"Well, boy, I can say proudly now, that I am in fact an extraordinary cultivator!

Come, watch me carefully to see how powerful I have become."

Earth Hermit never made any attempt to hide his narcissism. A part of Austin liked that about him. He moved his body and suddenly soared into the sky.

"Behold! Here I come!"

Earth Hermit shouted loudly. He held a shabby wooden fish in one hand and a short wooden stick in the other.

The wooden fish and the stick were radiant with a bright purple light. Beams of this purple light poured out from them, making them look extremely intimidating.

Austin was stunned to see the treasures that were now in the hands of Earth Hermit. They had been found in the Purple Immortal's tomb and he had seen them once before.

But now Austin realized that these were two magic treasures and they were no less powerful than the ultimate magical treasure.

"How about I take a shot and challenge you?!"

Earth Hermit then rushed towards the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land and swung his short wooden stick at him. The stick was blazing like a purple sun. It shook the void ahead and cracks began to appear over the earth.

"Earth Hermit, How on earth have you become so powerful?"

In the face of the attack from Earth Hermit, the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land felt frightened to the core and could not help but retreat.

Austin on the other hand, was very happy. It seemed that Earth Hermit had really gotten the inheritance of the Purple Immortal. His powers were much stronger than before.

Just a few moves had actually forced the holy lo

y Land. I hope it is not too late!"

All of a sudden, a sea of fire came raging from the sky and almost burnt the entire space down.

Tens of thousands of golden fire crows bathed in the sea of flames and rushed towards the Flame Holy Land.

Then, all the fire crows transformed into their human form upon reaching the land. These were the troops of the fire crow race.

Elder Brendan quickly waved the array flag. The array opened a space for the group of people to enter the headquarters of the sect.

"Hello, Austin! Am I too late?"

said a thin Taoist, looking at Austin with his sharp eyes.

"That's very kind of you, sir. I would never forget your help in such a situation,"

Austin said with genuine respect.

"You don't have to be so formal with me, Austin!

I haven't had much exercise for a while! Some fighting will do my aged muscles and bones a lot of good. I'll indeed get some good exercise today."

The old Taoist looked at Austin with a smile. Then he launched his body and soared into the sky, emitting a dazzling golden light like a human shaped sun.

The old Taoist moved directly to the middle of the fierce battle. A golden duster appeared in his hand. When he waved the duster, it immediately turned into three thousand thick golden spears and rushed to the old lady of the Moon Palace.

"Ha-ha, This really is a big fight. I'm coming!"

All of a sudden, a large group of people rushed over the sky in the distance. In just a moment, they arrived at the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land. They were led by Yanick of the Deep Sea Commercial House!

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