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   Chapter 1949 Five Revived Ancestors

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"Hey, old man Sharp! Are you still dreaming?" said the master of the Ji Clan.

He was laughing at Elder Sharp wildly.

"Why don't you open up your eyes so you will see what's really going on? Once we break this Sect-protecting Array, the Flame Holy Land will be destroyed completely!"

His voice was full of confidence.

"Come on, my friends. You don't want to see the destruction of the Flame Holy Land, do you?"

Elder Sharp's voice resounded all throughout the place.

The next moment, five figures gradually appeared by his side.

At first, they were like ghosts. But little by little, their forms became clearer.

They were five middle-aged men in ancient costumes. Each of them was emanating a sense of vicissitudes.

Based on their looks, one could say that they had come from a very long time ago.

When the master of the Ji Clan first saw the five strange middle-aged men, he was stunned. However, he recovered immediately and he became dismissive.

"Oh, you've invited some people to help. Do you think it will work?" he said with a smirk.

Almost everyone around had seen the five middle-aged men who had suddenly appeared beside Elder Sharp.

But no one really cared about it.

They all believed that the ten skillful martial artists who were carrying ten ultimate magical treasures had already sentenced the Flame Holy Land a death penalty. So no matter how hard they struggled, it was useless.

"Elder Sharp!" exclaimed Austin.

He was so surprised to see the five middle-aged men. He looked at Elder Sharp in disbelief.

"When did these five seniors come to life?" he asked.

His voice was trembling slightly in excitement.

At a glance, Austin was able to recognize the five middle-aged men. They were five of the more than twenty ancient men that were sealed in special ruling crystals. He had obtained those ruling crystals in the Northern Mine District.

At that time, Austin had gotten a total of more than twenty special ruling crystals. Four of them sealed the ancestors of the Flame Holy Land.

Austin used two semi-omnipotent herbs to save Elder Sharp before.

Afterwards, he handed the remaining ruling crystals to the elder.

That was why Austin was very certain that these five middle-aged men were the five ancestors that had been sealed in the special ruling crystals. The aura they exuded was very obvious.

"Well, I think you already knew," said Elder Sharp.

"I freed these five men from the ruling crystals a few days ago. It so happens that I've gotten a lot of semi-omnipotent herbs from the Heavenly Immortal World. They were enough to bring these five people back to life," he explained briefly.

Then he turned to stare at the master of the Ji Clan again.

"Let's talk about it later. I need to deal with the current situation first," he said with sharpness in his v

dimentary Holy Land.

The holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land stepped back in fear. The pot looked so heavy that it could smash anything into nothingness.

The Sky-devouring Gourd Cask also became bigger. It was shining with brilliant lights and emitting a strong power that could resist the ultimate magical treasure.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

An earth-shattering battle broke out in the air.

However, Elder Sharp and the five middle-aged men each released an incomparable combat power that forced the ten masters to retreat.

"What happened?"

Everyone was stunned.

Things happened so quickly that they wouldn't able to follow.

Just a few minutes ago, the Sect-protecting Array of the Flame Holy Land was about to be destroyed by the attacks of the ten powerful warriors who were holding ten ultimate magical treasures.

However, the five middle-aged men suddenly appeared. Austin gave them all his magical treasures and together with Elder Sharp, they rushed out and fought with the ten masters fiercely.

It looked like the Flame Holy Land was beginning to gain the upper hand.

The battle was reversed in an instant.

Meanwhile, in the Flame Holy Land, Elder Brendan also started to flash. He kept running back and forth, pulling out array flags from his pocket and putting them into the Sect-protecting Array.

He was repairing the Sect-protecting Array as what Elder Sharp had advised him.

With all his efforts, the Sect-protecting Array looked like it didn't experience any damage at all.

All of a sudden, a stream of light flashed from a distance.

It rushed into the Sect-protecting Array of the Flame Holy Land.

"Hey, boy! Long time no see!"

An old man appeared in front of Austin and patted him on the shoulder.

"Earth Hermit!" exclaimed Austin in surprise.

He was so glad to see the old man who was a famous martial artist in the East Mainland.

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