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   Chapter 1948 The Attacks Of Ten Ultimate Magical Treasures

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"Okay! We Heavenly Mysterious Sect will help you!"

From the group of men from the Heavenly Mysterious Sect, a white-haired old man walked out slowly, waving his sleeve.

A long green sword flew out of his sleeve. It turned into a one-hundred-meter long sword and was pointing in the direction of the Sect-protecting Array of the Flame Holy Land.

"The Black Inferno Sect is going to join you in this attack!"

A young man, aged about fifteen or sixteen years, rushed out of the crowd. He had red lips and white teeth, good features and a good figure.

He waved his hand and a palm sized silver token flew into the sky. It was accompanied with terrifying pressure.


A middle-aged man, whose skin was pale and bloodless, laughed grimly. His fingernails, were nearly half a meter long, and all were green.

As he waved his hand, a black coffin rushed out. It was shrouded in a strong sense of death, constantly growing bigger and bigger until it turned into a huge coffin, floating in midair.

"Well, our Moon Palace cannot sit this one out."

An old woman with silver hair and a hunchback body walked out. In her hand she was holding a walking stick.

She threw the walking stick which was in her hand into the air. Just then it turned into a huge crutch, which turned out to be an ultimate magical treasure.

"Well, let's do it together then. I don't believe that the Sect-protecting Array of a holy land in the East Mainland can resist the attack of so many masters at the same time!"

The elder of the Unworldly Sect laughed out aloud.

The next moment, those five strong cultivators from the Middle Pilgrim Land attacked simultaneously with five ultimate magical treasures in their hands.


The five extremely powerful ultimate magical treasures erupted with endless terrible energy at the same time. It advanced ahead like a torrent, and crashed into the Sect-protecting Array of the Flame Holy Land.


The light curtain of the Sect-protecting Array started shaking, shining brightly. It released immeasurable spiritual energy to resist the attacks of the five ultimate magical treasures.

At the same time, a beam of bright light could be seen; dazzling and eye-catching, as if a universe was born with all that chaos in broad daylight.

It was often said that these masters from the Middle Pilgrim Land were really extraordinary. Each one of them had skills needed for controlling the ultimate magical treasure.

Each of them was so powerful that using their skills they could maximize the power of the ultimate mag

is before with my own eyes!"

At the same time, the cultivators, who were around the Flame Holy Land, and had come from afar to watch this battle were filled with shock and began to discuss with each other.

Crack! Crack!

A moment later, cracking noises were suddenly heard from the Sect-protecting Array of the Flame Holy Land.

"That's not good, Elder Sharp. It looks like the Sect-protecting Array is unable to hold on!"

a steward of the Flame Holy Land said to Elder Sharp in surprise.

Austin frowned at such a situation.

With the current strength of the Flame Holy Land, ten ultimate magical treasures and ten masters couldn't possibly be defeated by them. How could they resist such strong opponents?

It was a bitter and desperate situation.

"It looks like the Sect-protecting Array alone is not going to be enough to stop them,"

Elder Sharp suddenly said. Even at such a moment, he still looked very calm.

Austin couldn't stop wondering if Elder Sharp had any other things up his sleeves.

"Don't worry! Our Flame Holy Land has been in the East Mainland for hundreds of thousands of years. It has a long history and a profound foundation.

No one can destroy our Flame Holy Land this easily. I won't let them do it.

Today, I will let the world know how powerful our Flame Holy Land really is,"

Elder Sharp said indifferently, but there was an air of confidence and pride in him persona.

Moreover, Elder Sharp's words could be heard clearly even from far away.


Old bastard, since when did you become so boastful?

Stop bragging! Stop bluffing about your power!"

Standing high up in the air, the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land laughed wildly.

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