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   Chapter 1946 The Running Dogs

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Soon, Austin saw Elder Sharp, Elder Brendan and two stewards, leading about one hundred disciples. They were standing in front of the big mountain gate of the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

The Sect-protecting Array of the land was strong enough to be able to protect the gate area.

In a flash, Austin was at the side of Elder Sharp.

"Elder Sharp, I am sorry. It's me who has caused big trouble to our sect," Austin said with great guilt.

He looked up at the distant horizon and was perturbed by what he saw. There were a large number of people from other sects who were approaching aggressively. Their momentum was so furious that it made heaven and earth shake.

The words that Austin spoke were indeed true. This time, it was really he who had brought a lot of trouble to the Flame Holy Land.

"Austin, you don't have to feel guilty. Just remember, none of our disciples can be bullied casually by anyone.

Even though they're from the Middle Pilgrim Land, those sects and the four schools can't do that!

We, the people of the Flame Holy Land, have our dignity and self-respect.

And it does not matter who they are, if they want to bully any one on our land, they'll have to kill us first,"

Elder Sharp said slowly. There was a determination in his words.

Although he didn't speak in a high voice, there was an irrefutable authority in his speech.

All the people in the Flame Holy Land, including Austin, cheered up on hearing those words from Elder Sharp. They clenched their fists with firmness within them. A surge of righteous ardor was boiling in their chests.

Although there were only over one hundred warriors in the Flame Holy Land, no one wanted to retreat or showed the slightest fear on seeing their opponents ahead.

They all had a strong sense of attachment to their sect, which was the crucial thing that united them. It had always given them a sense of belonging.

All the disciples, over one hundred disciples of them, who chose to stay, were disciples from the previous base. During the most difficult period for the Flame Holy Land before, these disciples had not left the land.

Now, the Flame Holy Land was flourishing day by day, but suddenly it was encountering such a disastrous situation. Despite that, they still chose to stay.

It could be said that these hundred people were the core power of the Flame Holy Land.

They also represented the fighting spirit of the Flame Holy Land!


The sound of horns started ringing from far in the distance! It was the announcement of the battle.

It was the sound of horns coming from the people of the major sects in the East Mainland. They were probably using it to display their power and to put pressure on th

arp, only when staying in our East Mainland, your Flame Holy Land dares to act like a tyrant.

Who do you think you are compared to the people from the ancient sects and four schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land? Do you really want to bite off more than you can chew?"

The holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land also stepped forward and laughed out loud as he said such haughty words.

"Old man, Sharp, I advise you to be sensible. You'd better bring the people of your land to kneel down before us and receive the punishment you all deserve.

There might be a chance of your survival. Otherwise, today your Flame Holy Land will be razed to the ground. Not a fowl or a dog will be left alive!"

the holy lord of the Vasteras Holy Land said in a voice dripping with sarcasm and pride.

"Fuck off! Rubbish from the Flame Holy Land, get out and prepare to die!"

The sound echoed around. More and more people seemed to have joined in as they shouted and cursed.

For a few moments, the sound of mocking laughter, shouting, challenging and threatening echoed in the air.

"Really? When did the seven sects in the East Mainland become the running dogs of the ancient sects and four schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land?

Your masters haven't uttered anything yet. But you little dogs can't stop jumping around and yelling,"

Elder Sharp retorted back. There was a cold smile on his face.

He knew that whatever happened today would definitely not be a good ending. Pleading for mercy was of no use. It was very clear that there would be a battle between them in the end.

Therefore, from the very beginning, Elder Sharp had made up his mind to fight till the end. He knew anything else would just mean humiliation at the hands of the enemies. And as a man of honor, it was not something he or his men would wish for.

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