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   Chapter 1945 They Finally Came

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"There's no need to worry, young master. A holy land in the East Mainland is unworthy of mention in front of our Unworldly Sect. They're nothing!

Besides, it's not only us! So many sects are sending people after them.

It almost feels like we are a group of elephants, which are moving in to crush one tiny ant.

It's funny, you know. This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing happen."

Two middle-aged men were standing beside the young master of the Unworldly Sect. They were both stewards of the sect as well. One of them remarked, "If you ask me, it's quite obvious that everyone is targeting the treasures of this kid.

I think he's got a hell of a lot of treasures with him.

And I hear that guy also got the golden cushion from the hall of inheritance.

If he meditated sitting on that golden cushion, then he must have learnt something which was passed down from the ancient times.

We all know how formidable the martial arts skills from those times were, don't we?

They were even more powerful from the so-called secret martial arts skills.

If we can get our hands on all the martial arts heritage that kid has got, we'll be powerful men indeed.

We could also add one more ancient heritage to the Unworldly Sect,"

another one declared.

"Yes, you are right!"

The rest of them nodded in agreement.

"Alright folks! This time, we can't go back empty handed.

We must get everything that kid has,"

said a man who was about fifty years old and standing close-by.

He must have been very important because the other disciples of the Unworldly Sect would always look at this old man with awe.

And indeed, he was not only powerful, but also an influential elder of the Unworldly Sect.

He was even more powerful than Elder Cowell, whom Austin had killed.

On the warship.


Alright brat. We will meet again soon."

A boy, who looked merely eleven or twelve years old, stood on the helm of a flying aircraft with his hands clasped behind his back, wearing a mocking smile on his face. There was an air of power around him, despite his young age.

He was the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect.

"Austin, I won't be satisfied with the treasures you have. I want your body itself. Your physical strength is beyond comparison, and it would be a perfect resource for us to make you an intelligent corpse.

I will refine you into a walking corpse and you will become a loyal servant of mine.

It has been so many years, and now, I finally have a body that I really like,"

a stiff, pale young man in a black chariot far in the distance mumbled.

This was the Holy Son of

he martial artists of the East Mainland regarded the ancient sects, the four schools, and the other sects which were coming here from the Middle Pilgrim Land as superior forces.

Now, with so many powerful cultivators from these sects coming to the East Mainland, everyone was intrigued.

At the same time, Austin, the Flame Holy Land, and the resurrected Elder Sharp once again became the focus of all the warriors of the East Mainland.

Everyone in the East Mainland was intrigued. What was going on? How would they deal with it? Who would win?

At the same time, in the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land, inside a remote and secret cultivation room atop a small mountain.

"Wow, I've managed to finally build a new Spiritual Pot!"

Austin heaved a long sigh of relief.

In front of him floated a tripod, cast by spiritual sense and omnipotent gas. It was spacious, steady, melodious, and oozing an aura of infinity

To his surprise, this newly-cast weapon was about five meters high and its diameter was easily about three meters.

This was no longer a simple spiritual pot.

"I think, from now on, I will call you the Supreme Spiritual Pot,"

Austin murmured, fixing his eyes on the tripod in front of him.

He could feel and tell that this Supreme Spiritual Pot he had created was much more powerful than the previous one.

Just at that moment, his face suddenly changed, and his eyes grew cold.

"They are finally here,"

he remarked slowly, putting away the Supreme Spiritual Pot. Then, he moved and left the secret cultivation room at lightning fast speed.

The next instant, an overwhelming group of people began rushing towards outer boundaries of the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land. The sky and the earth started to roar.

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