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   Chapter 1944 The Troops Are On Their Way

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Inside the secret chamber, the Invincible Bow was floating in front of Austin. He was trying to break its seventh restriction.

An hour later, Austin had finally succeeded in breaking the seventh restriction of the Invincible Bow.

He was glad about it but he seemed still not satisfied.

"With my current strength, I think I can even break the eighth restriction."

Austin touched the Invincible Bow.

Then he continued to break its eighth restriction.

His enemies were approaching so Austin was very eager to improve his strength.

The stronger he could become, the more that he could protect himself and the Flame Holy Land.

Another hour had passed.

Austin heaved a sigh.

His face beamed with joy.

Apparently, he was able to break the eighth restriction of the Invincible Bow successfully.

'The bow is more powerful now, ' thought Austin in delight.

He stared at the Invincible Bow with a triumphant smile on his face.

Then he put the bow back into his Space Ring.

Afterwards, he released his spiritual sense to check the situation in the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

'Elder Sharp is sending most of the disciples out of the headquarters secretly. I think he wants them to hide somewhere else, ' thought Austin.

He was watching the headquarters through his spiritual sense so he could see all their activities there.

As what he could see, only a few people were left in the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

Elder Sharp, Elder Brendan and Elder Leder were still there.

However, only less than a hundred disciples stayed with them.

Austin was surprised to see that Rahul and Zoe also stayed in the headquarters.

All in all, there were only about a hundred people there.

As a result, the headquarters became quiet. It actually looked desolate.

Austin understood why Elder Sharp did such a thing. He was only thinking about the future of the Flame Holy Land.

It was very important that the disciples were safe because if in case that they'd lost against their enemies this time, they could still have a chance to rise again in the future. Those disciples that Elder Sharp had hidden could rebuild the Flame Holy Land if their enemies would destroy it.

"Humph! I will never forget those sects that are coming here to stir trouble. When I become stronger, I wi

including the holy lord of the Arcane Holy Land, the holy lord of the Vasteras Holy Land and the chief of the Shen Clan. They all had personally led their men here.

At the same time, inside an old warship was a young man who was also in rage.

"Austin? That guy's name is Austin?" he asked between gritted teeth.

"He must be ready to pay the price for killing Elder Cowell and many of our disciples."

The young man obviously hated Austin a lot. He looked at the distance with resentful eyes.

He had a pleasant countenance, a pair of bright eyes and fair skin that would surely attract many people's attention. However, his face was now shrouded by anger.

This young man was the youngest son of the leader of the Unworldly Sect.

He was a spoiled child and he enjoyed bullying the weak. For that reason, almost no one dared to provoke him in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

But not long ago, Austin almost killed him in the Fallen Immortal World.

His most trusted subordinate, Elder Cowell, didn't escape death in the hands of Austin. That elder had always been protecting him since he was a child so he was very close to him. That was the reason why he was so persistent on killing Austin.

Thinking about Austin boiled the young man in anger. He couldn't wait to end Austin's life with his own hands.

A few moments later, a tall young man who looked solemn approached him.

He was the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect.

"Young master, don't worry. I'll make sure to kill Austin to avenge Elder Cowell," said the Holy Son to the young man.

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