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   Chapter 1943 The Practice Of Martial Arts

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Austin was pacing agitatedly in the secret cultivation room.

"I get why they say strength is the most important thing.

If I had been strong enough, they wouldn't have come to attack me in broad daylight!"

He clenched his fists and squeezed his nails deep into his palms, continuing to march around the room.

Austin knew that this time, the situation was very serious indeed.

The disciples from various sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land and the four major schools were well trained and extremely powerful. Moreover, one or two would have been easy to deal with. But so many at the same time...

The principal disciples were all at Major-perfection Realm.

And the stewards and elders would most probably be cultivators at Heavenly Grotto Realm. Together, they were an army so powerful that few could hope to go against them.

Trouble was, only four elders, including Elder Sharp were at Heavenly Grotto Realm when it came to the Flame Holy Land.

Austin also knew that apart from Elder Sharp, the others had only reached the Heavenly Grotto Realm in the last two years. This meant they weren't experienced enough.

It also implied that the three elders were relatively weaker compared to other cultivators of the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

Only Elder Sharp in the entire Flame Holy Land could play a major role in handling the situation. But alone, there was only so much he could do.

"Never mind. It's useless to worry too much right now. I'd better hurry with my practice!"

Austin tried to force his mind to cast aside other thoughts and focus on his cultivation.

Four martial arts skills appeared in Austin's Soul Sea.

They were the Mantra of Six Words, the Blazing Divine Palm, the Nine Flaming Stelae Array, and the Heaven Scorching Skill. He had collected them only recently and had never found the opportunity to practice them.

The Mantra of Six Words had been given to him by a young master from the Western Sect.

The other three had been placed into Austin's Soul Sea by the beautiful woman who had claimed to be his master in the ice-world.

'Alright, let's start with the Nine Flaming Stelae Array!'

Austin decided.

He had a gut feeling that this skill might have something to do with the Fire Stela in his elixir field. This could mean that cultivation of this method would be easier and would lead better results.

He began to study it in detail inside his Soul Sea.

The key component of skill was utilizing vital energy to condense nine stone stelas,

"Huh! How about that? Turns out I can use the power of my Fire Stela to strengthen the nine flaming stelas. They really do seem to be related.

Although I just used a small part of the Fire Stela, the output was still very terrifying,"

Austin murmured.

He had no doubt that using this martial arts skill, he could fight most cultivators at the Major-perfection Realm and easily keep them at bay, if not kill them.

This was the benefit of a new martial art skills that was related to a previous one. It could help a cultivator greatly improve his abilities, allowing him to take on even more powerful opponents without worrying about too much advancements.

'Alright then! Now, I will practice the Blazing Divine Palm, '

Austin decided.

After half a day, he finally succeeded in preliminarily mastering the Blazing Divine Palm.

Once again, he went to the seventh floor of the Slave Tower, and used the dummies to test the power of the Blazing Divine Palm.

Compared to the Nine Flaming Stelae Array, it was a much more powerful skill and could be disastrous if properly mastered.

Then, Austin left the Slave Tower and went back to the secret cultivation room on the small hill.

"I think the people from the Middle Pilgrim Land and the four schools would be coming here shortly. I do not seem to have the time to practice the remaining skills.

Doesn't matter. I'll spend the rest of my time in activating the next level of the Invincible Bow,"

Austin muttered to himself in the secret chamber. Instead of continuing to cultivate the other two skills, he brought out a large, purple colored bow from his Space Ring. This was the Invincible Bow.

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