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   Chapter 1942 The Situation Is Bad

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Austin frowned upon hearing Isis' words.

Now he knew that the Middle Pilgrim Land and the four major schools were investigating him. They obviously had discovered his real identity.

No wonder Isis had already known that he was in the Flame Holy Land. At first, he thought that she discovered it on her own. But now he realized, Isis must have known it from the other people of the Middle Pilgrim Land.

"This is not good," thought Austin.

He shouldn't let those people hurt the people he cared.

"You'd better leave as soon as possible and find a place to hide. You killed Elder Cowell of the Unworldly Sect. The young master of the Unworldly Sect is now preparing to bring all his people here," said Isis.

She looked so anxious and her voice was full of concern.

She wanted to do her best to save Austin from those people.

"Besides, the elders of several other sects are still in the East Mainland. It is possible that they will also come together to pick on you. As far as I know, not only the people of the Middle Pilgrim Land and the four major schools are interested in you. I've heard that some sects in the East Mainland like the Ji Clan and the Rudimentary Holy Land are also sending their people to mess around with the Flame Holy Land," continued Isis.


Austin got more surprised. He didn't expect that even the sects in the East Mainland would work hand in hand with the sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land against him and the Flame Holy Land.

However, he knew that it wasn't impossible to happen. He was aware that the Ji Clan and the Rudimentary Holy Land had been looking for good opportunities to attack them. Joining with the ancient sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land was definitely a very good chance for them.

Austin felt furious this time.

"The Flame Holy Land and I will be in big trouble," he said.

He knew that the Flame Holy Land would be facing a huge crisis.

However, he was still grateful to Isis. If it hadn't been for her, he wouldn't have known that the sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land and the four major schools had already started to make a move against him.

"Thank you for telling me all this," he said to Isis sincerely.

Because Isis informed him ahead of time, at least he could still prepare. The joint forces of the Middle Pilgrim Land, the four major schools, and some sects in the East Mainland was no joke at all. The Flame Holy Land must be devastated if they couldn't prepare.

"Don't mention it. This is just my way of paying back after what you have done to me in the past," said Isis

"What are you still doing here? You should hurry and leave. For sure, they will come here soon."

Isis urged Austin to leave

If he couldn't find a safe place to hide, he would surely perish in the hands of those people.

"Go? No, I can't. I can't just leave the Flame Holy Land behind," said Austin firmly as he shook his head.

As the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land, how could he just turn his back from them?

" asked Elder Sharp suddenly.

Austin had just told Elder Sharp about the seawater that he had gotten from the Immortal Burial Sea.

He also told him where and why he'd used it.

He then took out the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask and handed it to Elder Sharp.

"The rest is here," he said.

Elder Sharp couldn't help but marvel at the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask.

"This is not just a simple gourd," he whispered while staring at it. He eyes were filled with astonishment.

Then he shook the gourd and sensed the seawater with his spiritual sense.

"Yes, this is still enough," said Elder Sharp after sensing the seawater.

"The power of the seawater from the Immortal Burial Sea is terrifying. I am planning to refine it into the Sect-protecting Array for our Flame Holy Land. What do you think?"

Austin was surprised upon hearing what Elder Sharp had said.

He didn't have any idea that something like this could be done to the seawater of the Immortal Burial Sea.

"The seawater can be refined into the Sect-protecting Array?" he asked.

"Yes, that's right. We can have another trump card in the Sect-protecting Array afterwards."

Elder Sharp looked at him and smiled.

"Even the masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm will not dare to come close to us if we have this Sect-protecting Array with the seawater," he added.

"Wow! If I had known that, I wouldn't have wasted so much seawater in the Fallen Immortal World."

Austin felt a little regretful.

He didn't know that the seawater from the Immortal Burial Sea could be more useful and powerful.

"It's alright. I think we still have enough seawater left. Now you go and prepare yourself first," comforted Elder Sharp.

Upon checking the seawater, Elder Sharp knew that it was enough to be transformed into the Sect-protecting Array.

He was confident that the Flame Holy Land would be able to win this battle.

"Okay," agreed Austin.

He just nodded to Elder Sharp and went back to the small hill where he lived.

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