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   Chapter 1941 Isis's Visit

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"This more impressive than I could have imagined! You got three ultimate magical treasures in the Fallen Immortal World!"

Elder Sharp exclaimed, blinking several times as if he were dreaming.

In the East Mainland, the ultimate magical treasure was the most powerful magic treasure and it represented everything to a sect.

The three holy lands and three prominent clans each possessed one ultimate magical treasure and that made them extremely powerful and terrifying in the eyes of others.

Austin had managed to obtain three ultimate magical treasures all in one place. Many cultivators would have a heart attack just hearing that.

Even Elder Sharp was having a difficult time processing what Austin had told him.

"It looks like you had a big harvest in the Fallen Immortal World," he finally said with the kind of proud smile that only an elder could give.

"I got lucky. I fought for them in the Immortal Burial City.

Please keep them and use them to protect our sect,"

Austin responded.

A second wave of shock rushed through Elder Sharp. It appeared he had officially lost the ability to speak.

Normally, the senior members of a sect wouldn't ask their disciples to turn in treasures they had acquired, and if Austin hadn't told him that he had gotten three ultimate magical treasures, no one would have even known about them.

It was beyond rare for someone to tell Elder Sharp they had found something so valuable and not only did Austin do that, he also was donating them to the sect.

Elder Sharp was so overwhelmed that he almost could have hugged Austin; however, his feet couldn't move.

"I'll make you a deal.

I'll take two of them, and you keep one for yourself.

You're a promising cultivator and with time, you will enter the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

A person of the Heavenly Grotto Realm can have full control over the power of an ultimate magical treasure.

Therefore, I want you to keep one of your choosing.

Our holy land already has one ultimate magical treasure, and now we have three. With all these ultimate magical treasures, no one will ever attack our sect unless they have a death wish,"

Elder Sharp finally said.

"All right. I will keep one,"

Austin agreed, feeling deep respect for his elder. It made sense that Elder Sharp asked Austin to keep one for himself. He was actually very kind and considerate.

With a nod and smile, Austin teleported back to the hill where he lived. He wanted to practice his martial art skills in peace and q

s, and fellow disciples.

Austin cleared his throat and ran his hands through his hair.

This time, he wasn't wearing any disguise. Isis knew who he was so everything might as well be out in the open.

The problem was that he didn't know what to say. The look on her face had rendered him completely tongue-tied.

Although he and Isis had spent a long time together in the Fallen Immortal World, they had treated each other as strangers. Though she had doubts, Austin had never admitted who he really was.

A long silence followed and in it, Isis became impatient. Her cheeks flushed and her hands turned into fists.

"Why did you pretend that you didn't know me in the Fallen Immortal World?" Isis asked, glaring at Austin.

"Ahem... Well..."

Austin tapped his fingers on his thighs while he tried to come up with an explanation.

"Never mind. I don't need an answer from you.

I'm here to tell you that you need to find a place to hide.

You have offended a lot of elite disciples from the old, influential sects and four martial arts schools from the Middle Pilgrim Land. They have all discovered your true identity and know where you are.

They are on their way to deal with you.

Many of them have their eyes on the treasures you've acquired in the Fallen Immortal World.

And others want revenge for the deaths of Elder Cowell and many other disciples of the other sects and four schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land. You won't escape them.

Although you are strong, they outnumber you. I heard they even talked a lot of elders into coming here to help them.

You have no choice but to hide,"

Isis said as her face changed from mad to anxious.

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