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   Chapter 1940 Reaching The Premium Stage Of Minor-perfection Realm

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Inside the secret cultivation room on top of a small mountain, wine jars spread all over while the room was still filled with the sweet aroma of the divine wine.

Austin was sitting with his legs crossed and his eyes closed. He was in deep meditation and trying to make a breakthrough.

Inside his Soul Sea was a book filled with the cultivation experience and insights of the Golden Sun Scripture.

It was a gift from a beautiful woman whom he had met in the frozen and snow-covered land of the Fallen Immortal World.

He remembered trying to talk to her but

she didn't say much except that she was his senior master. So, unfortunately, he had very little knowledge of her or the book she had given him.

In addition to the book, the woman had transferred three new martial art skills into Austin's Soul Sea. After examining them, he learned that they were commonly used skills created by the previous owner of the Golden Sun Scripture.

Each one was a masculine and domineering vital energy skill, which would help a cultivator increase their vital energy force. When they were used along with the Golden Sun Scripture, a warrior's combat power could be increased to their best state.

After reading this, Austin began to devour the contents of the book.

Gradually, he became obsessed with the contents of the book and understood them better than ever before.

Funnily enough, he had been practicing the Golden Sun Scripture for so many years and no one had given him any instructions about it. He had to teach himself everything that he knew and practiced relentlessly.

The book was a great help to him. With the combination of its instructions and his former practice, he learned everything he needed.

The contents of the book included the essence and theory of the Golden Sun Scripture, the great truths of the natural laws, and its true power. Austin's mind expanded with the knowledge.

"I see!"

He exclaimed every time he came across something he had previously not understood.

He read over every sentence twice and sometimes even went back a third time, trying to get everything he could out of the pages.

As he reached the final page, the space between his eyebrows began shining. A circular, rose-colored mark appeared there and began shrinking and growing in size, resonating with the book in his Soul Sea. From his eyes, bright, colorful light glowed, illuminating the pages of the book.

A large aura broke out of his body and hovered around him l

so improved along with his vital energy realm.

It was possible that his spiritual sense force was more advanced than that of most of the cultivators at the Major-perfection Realm.

However, he still had a long way to go before he was more powerful than those at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

"After this, I need to achieve the Major-perfection Realm,"

Austin murmured, his eyes burning with excitement.

In the East Mainland, a cultivator at the Major-perfection Realm was considered as powerful as the stewards and ordinary elders in holy lands.

There was no doubt that a cultivator at the Major-perfection Realm was a very powerful one in the East Mainland.

He couldn't wait to get there, but he knew it would take lots of time. He still had lots to learn in the Minor-perfection Realm before he could begin practicing for the Major-perfection Realm.

Feeling proud of himself, he went back to the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land and found Elder Sharp.

"Elder Sharp, I got these three treasures when I was in the Fallen Immortal World," Austin said.

With a wave of his hand, three ultimate magical treasures popped into the air and floated towards Elder Sharp.

After some careful thought, Austin had decided to give the three ultimate magical treasures to Elder Sharp as a part of the Flame Holy Land's resources.

"What?!" Elder Sharp said, completely stunned. His eyes widened three times their normal size. "Three ultimate magical treasures!"

Even a strong master like Elder Sharp couldn't remain calm as usual when he laid his eyes on the three treasures. He had a difficult time refraining himself from jumping with shock.

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