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   Chapter 1939 Drinking

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Austin waved his hand gracefully. The Pot of Chaos and the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask slowly appeared in front of him.

These two magic treasures were important instruments which had aided Austin in the journey to the Fallen Immortal World.

The Pot of Chaos was almost made entirely out of a special mineral which was known as chaotic gold.

The major feature of chaotic gold was that it was unimaginably heavy.

It was said that a piece of chaotic gold which was as small as a grain of rice was also capable of easily crushing a mountain.

By virtue of the fact that it was made mostly out of this chaotic gold, the Pot of Chaos was also incredibly heavy

So it was hard to tell the exact weight of the Pot of Chaos. Even Austin, who was the master of this magic treasure, couldn't tell precisely.

He was only aware of the fact that it was extremely heavy.

To add to its merits, there was a kind of Unearthly Fire within the Pot of Chaos. It was called the Original Prime Fire, which was the third most powerful of all the Unearthly Fires.

At the time Austin was refining the Pot of Chaos, his spiritual soul nearly got burnt by the Original Prime Fire.

Luckily, Austin eventually refined both the Pot of Chaos and the Original Prime Fire.

Now Austin possessed four Unearthly Fires!

After that he began to carefully check the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask.

After Austin had refined the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask, he had received the message that it was capable of swallowing everything in the world.

He then concluded that it too must be a magic treasure of great value.

However, in fact, he didn't have much experience using the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask yet.

The most useful thing for Austin right now was the sea water from the Immortal Burial Sea. This was Austin's most powerful kill shot. And the gourd cask was now serving as the container.

Austin waved his hand once more.

A glittering, porcelain-white cocoon appeared in the chamber.

It was the silk cocoon of the divine silkworm.

The divine silkworm, was said to be able to command all the other insects.

"Well, I didn't expect I would have an egg of the infinite beast and now a divine silkworm to take care of. I feel like I've become a professional nanny.

Hmm, I have to think of a way to get this cocoon to hatch. I hope it is really as powerful as it is said,"

Austin said with a dry chuckle.

Austin knew that the divine silkworm was one of the rarest worm in the world.

If he wanted to make the cocoon hatch, he would need a lot of treasures from heaven and earth. Collecting all of these treasures was an exhausting task.

Soon Austin waved his hand again.

Dozens of wine jars and three of the ultimate magical treasures ap

of wine, Violet seemed to be drunk and started to brandish her fists. She also danced merrily and gracefully.

Violet's human form was exactly akin to a beautiful woman.

She let loose the hair as she swayed along with the wind.

Her black hair was as soft as silk and her eyebrows curved perfectly.

Her big eyes looked a little out of focus. Her bright red lips were very moist. Her eyes were opened wide, with the scent of alcohol. Her teeth were as beautiful as jade, shining brightly. She was breathtaking.

"Master, come and dance with me!"

Violet was so naive and lovely. She wobbled for a second before finding her footing. She then stretched out her hand to hold Austin.

Her snow-white, gentle neck was a little red now. Her skin was smooth, and the dress fluttered in the wind revealing her slender legs. Her body emitted a scent like orchid or musk, which was very enticing.

"I'm busy. I have to make a breakthrough with the strength of the divine wine,"

Austin stammered. He was beguiled by her beauty.

"Such a bummer!"

Violet murmured, unsatisfied.

"Master! Look, am I beautiful? Am I really beautiful?

Let me tell you something! The girls of our nine-tailed demon fox were, in the ancient times, the most famous beauties in all the world! So beautiful...that the younger generation of men came all scrambling, begging and pleading for their attention. Did you know that, master?"

As Violet spoke, her small and lovely tongue was heavily knotted. After she finished, her body fell to the ground, which in itself was fascinating and alluring.

Austin frowned and transferred Violet into the Illusion Bead.


At the same time, the gnome also fell unconscious.

"I can't believe these two idiots!"

Austin shook his head disapprovingly and sent the gnome into the Slave Tower.

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