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   Chapter 1938 Count Up The Spoils

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After a day had passed, the flying boat set down on the ground at the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land. It had been a long journey, even with the use of the teleportation arrays and Elder Sharp's flying boat.

The boat was a very high-grade magic treasure. When he had taken it out, it was even a little dusty since he had not used it for over a hundred thousand years. The people of the Flame Holy Land were grateful that it had decreased their traveling time by at least half.

Still, their bodies ached and they struggled to keep their eyes open as they wandered single-file off the boat and into the center of the headquarters.

Elder Sharp had departed first and now stood at the head of the group, facing them. Slowly, smiles began growing on their faces.

It had taken over half a month to explore the Fallen Immortal World and they were finally back home.

Their smiles were in anticipation for their warm beds and the profits weighing heavily in their pockets.

Once they had all gotten off the boat, Elder Sharp grabbed their attention. "Excellent work, everyone. First, I want you to return to your residences and get some good rest.

Tomorrow, you can focus on checking your treasures. Then the real work begins. I need you all to practice your cultivation.

Our Flame Holy Land is rising in power, so everyone needs to improve as soon as possible and be prepared to fight for the holy land!"

Elder Sharp said, projecting his voice so that everyone could hear him clearly.

"Yes, sir!"

All the people nodded in agreement and went their separate ways. The sound of footsteps wandering filled the air as Elder Sharp stood and proudly watched them leave.

It was true that the Flame Holy Land was making its way up the power ladder among the other sects in the East Mainland.

As they improved, the members became more fearless and full of newfound vigor.

They walked around with their chests puffed up anywhere they went in the East Mainland. They had discovered that they were no longer victims of abuse.

Over time, the other sects started to show the Flame Holy Land their love and affection and even declared that they wanted to join the sect.

All the cultivators in the East Mainland knew that the strength of the Flame Holy Land was improving and they wanted the best chance to win any battles.

It was almost as strong as the other three holy lands and the three prominent clans, making it ideal for war.

Meanwhile, Austin teleported to his peak.

He enjoyed the solitude it brought now that it was considered a forbidden area in the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

Only his feet were allowed to step on the peak, in addition t


he exclaimed. His eyes glowed as he examined the rest of the cocoon.

"Yes. I'd give the queen two more days to have her breakthrough. Then she should emerge from the cocoon,"

Priest Callum replied with a smile on his face.

"That is great!"

It seemed everyone was making amazing progress; however, Caroline's progress was the most important in Austin's eyes. It had been so long since he had spoken to her that he was beginning to miss her.

"It feels so strong,"

Austin added, taking a step back from the cocoon. A burst of evil energy had slipped through a crack in the cocoon.

The space around the cocoon vibrated and Austin momentarily wondered if it were going to open early.

He used his spiritual sense to read the evil energy.

"It is. The queen must have inherited from one of the great masters of the evil shadow race who had lived in the ancient times.

She will use it to promote her strength and use it to her advantage once she is out,"

Priest Callum explained proudly.

In the evil shadow race, the position of a priest was equivalent to a clan's guardian. Most of the time, their status was even higher than that of a patriarch or a queen.

Priest Callum wanted to witness his members increase their strength. It meant that he was doing a good job teaching them.

"That's great. I need to go now but if anything happens to Caroline, please inform me straight away,"

Austin said.


Priest Callum nodded.

Having fulfilled his small mission, Austin left the City model and went back to the secret cultivation room on the peak.

"Now that that's done, I can count what had I collected in the Fallen Immortal World,"

Austin said to himself.

He sat in the corner of the room and began taking out his treasures.

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