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   Chapter 1936 Return To The East Mainland

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"You're right. The Fallen Immortal Island before us is the most treasured place of the entire Fallen Immortal World,"

the short, thin old man with grey hair explained with a nod.

"Well then, will it be alright for us to dock at the island and take those corpses of the immortals?

It is said that the corpses of the immortals were actually buried here to contain some terrifying beings."

The middle-aged woman seemed a little worried, as some of the folk tales she had heard before popped in to her mind.

"Nothing to worry. There won't be a problem," the old man continued.

"The Fallen Immortal World is just a deficient and isolated small world. Even if anything goes wrong here, it will never hurt the big world out there.

Once we succeed, we'll get out of here in the speed of light.

And I could not even recall clearly how long we've been stuck in the Immortal Transforming Realm. If there is no golden opportunity taken, I am afraid we will not progress for the rest of our lives.

Now, here is the long-awaited opportunity, right before our eyes.

If we get to obtain even one of the corpses here, we will increase our chances to finally become immortals.

So, we can't give it up right now,"

the grey-haired old man convinced reassuringly.

The opportunity to become an immortal!

The other four masters were immediately in a state of great excitement.

To cultivators under the Immortal Transforming Realm, becoming immortal seemed only a legend and an unimaginable dream.

Yet, the feat was possible for each great master of the Immortal Transforming Realm. Sometimes, they felt just one step would take them further. However, it was always a very difficult one on them.

There was no question that every great master of the Immortal Transforming Realm wished that they could accomplish that step.

Everyone knew that being immortal meant gaining eternal life. Who would not want that?

This was true longevity, a life that would last forever!

"Fine then, no matter how dangerous the island could be, we must invade it!"

the middle-aged woman said with no hesitation, as she made up her mind.

Skilfully steered by the five great masters, the ancient ship made its way towards the little island in the distance.

After what seemed minutes, they finally docked at the island.

As assumed, the island was clearly too small.

In contrast, their timeworn ship was gigantic.

To say the least, it was like David and Goliath.

"Let's descend now. Everyone, be careful,"

reminded the grey-haired old man. Then, he soared into the air and stepped towards the island.

The remaining four descended all at the same time. Then, the five great masters lined up before carefully stepping on land.

"What? How could a

else we will end up dead here!"

The red-faced old man trembled in fear.

The five great masters had already been beaten down by the six armored creatures earlier.

There was no way in heavens that they would be able to resist hundreds of armored creatures that had appeared.

In a split second, the masters turned towards the direction that they came from and fled without looking back.


They emerged out of the small island and landed onto their old, gigantic ship.

The ship sailed at once.

In the small world, hundreds of figures in armors stood there, as they watched the five great masters sail away.

"Prepare the space transportation array immediately! We shall transport all the intruders out of the Immortal End World through the array.

Alas! Never allow them to disrupt the resting place of the deceased anymore,"

one of the tall creatures yelled coldly.

Back in the small world, an antique altar was activated.

Within the next moment, all of the occupants of the Fallen Immortal World, including the five great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm, sensed a strong spatial teleportation force that they could not defeat.

Immediately, all of them were sucked into a space teleportation channel and were forced to leave the Fallen Immortal World.

At the same time, Austin was in a palace at the Immortal Burial City.

The palace was full of special ruling crystals.

Austin, Violet, and the gnome were collecting these crystals in high spirits.

Suddenly, they found that their bodies were being sucked into a space teleportation channel.

"What?! What happened? It seems that we have returned to the East Mainland."

When Austin finally landed on ground, he drew open his eyes and took in the view. Shockingly, he found that they had already been teleported back to the East Mainland.

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