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   Chapter 1935 The Five Great Masters Of The Immortal Transforming Realm

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Austin stayed in the bamboo forest for a moment. He tried to communicate with the golden runes using his spiritual sense.

However, all he could do was to only feel them. He tried but he couldn't think of any other way to harness them.

"Master, it is impossible for you to harness them. If I'm not mistaken, there was a powerful great master who died in this bamboo forest before. These runes were the law power he cultivated when he was alive."

All of a sudden, Austin heard a voice message in his Soul Sea.

It was Brady.

"Although the great master is already dead, his aura is still here in the bamboo forest. That's the reason why these runes won't leave this place. They will not leave their master," he added.

"I get it."

Austin nodded.

He then bowed deeply to pay respect to the great master who had died there.

After that, Austin decided to leave the bamboo forest. He found a portal near the space where he had entered before.

When he passed through the portal, it brought him to the low mountain where the cultivators had once competed for the dragon blood crystal.

Austin left the low mountain quickly. When he emerged again, he was already in the streets of the Immortal Burial City.

At this time, many warriors were still moving around the Immortal Burial City.

Not all warriors had entered this space through the portal in the low mountain.

So the rest of the warriors continued to stay in the Immortal Burial City to explore the vast and boundless ancient city.

Austin found a secret place. He changed his appearance and the aura of his spiritual soul by using the Aura Disguising Skill.

In order to hide the true aura of Austin's spiritual soul, Violet also cast an illusion on him as a fail-safe.

In a moment, Austin turned into a young man with a very ordinary appearance. He then continued to move towards the places of the Immortal Burial City which had not been explored by the others.

The area of the Immortal Burial City was so large and it was nothing short of a miracle.

Innumerable buildings and palaces were everywhere. The streets and alleys seemed to be endless.

More or less, most buildings contained treasures and chances. That was one of the reasons why many cultivators were continuously exploring this ancient city.

According to his

ready encountered lots of intelligent corpses. They had different colors and each of them was extremely horrible.

Some of them were too powerful that even the joint powers of the five great masters could barely deal with them.

"We will be arriving at the legendary Fallen Immortal Island soon, won't we?" asked a middle-aged woman.

Although she was an old freak who had lived for so many years, she still looked like a middle-aged woman on the outside.

Her skin, her figure, and the kind of charming amorous feelings she had was more attractive than those many young girls.

"It should be near this area," answered the red-faced master.

He was staring at the horizon far away.

"Look, there's an island!"

the short thin old man with grey hair suddenly shouted in surprise.

"That's the Fallen Immortal Island! We are almost there!"

The other four great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm cheered up at the same time and stared at the island ahead of them.

It was a small island in the deep sea where the sky and the water met.

"Ha-ha! Our efforts in the past few days paid off," said the red-faced old man.

He couldn't stop laughing in joy.

"According to the history, there are many corpses of immortals in that island. They died in that tragic battle during the ancient times," said the middle-aged woman.

"It's said the corpses they left behind are what have been sustaining the entire Fallen Immortal World," she continued.

There was also a hint of excitement that flashed through her eyes.

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