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   Chapter 1932 The Dragon Formula

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At that moment, the sky and the earth began to rumble; a trembling, booming sound rose in the air incessantly, as if the sky had been torn open. The very ground of the battlefield seemed to become more powerful and important in some sense.

Suddenly, white, almost transparent chains rushed down from some unknown anchor in the sky, and even rose out of the earth like majestic trees. They carried the powers of the earth and the heavens in them and were known as the Divine Ruling Chain.

This type of phenomenon was experienced when the Dragon Formula was about to be passed on to someone. In this case, that someone was Austin.


All of a sudden, a giant dragon rushed out of Austin's body and soared high into the sky. The sight was extremely terrifying. There was formidable dragon power in the beast, and streaks of divine light were rushing out of its body.

The scene then turned from terrifying to mysterious. Stars themselves began to fall down from the sky!

Numerous giant planets appeared one after another too, though planets are not stars, but they seemed somehow connected to the whole chain of events. Together, the stars and the planets circled around the dragon; the rumbling sound still coming constantly.

The whole thing wasn't physically real but just illusionary effects of the powers at play. But it was still very shocking and terrifying.

The great dragon that had come out of Austin floated in the sky, with numerous suns, moons, stars around it. As if it had been born for it, the universe began to revolve around it.

Time could be seen flying away in the dragon's eyes. As it turned its head, clouds appeared and disappeared in the sky and time flew like an arrow.


The dragon suddenly roared again.

Suddenly, the sun, the moon, and the stars around the dragon's body fell down. The mountains and the earth turned into chaos and collapsed. The entire world seemed to slip into an incoherent state.

Even Austin was stunned at the sight. Was this the power of this dragon?

No wonder it was known to be one of the most terrifying creatures throughout all legends.

At the same time, he also felt deep in himself that the Dragon Formula was extremely powerful and rather complicated. It contained the enlightening knowledge of the heavens.

In any case, he put both his spirit, and his will into the Dragon Formula, trying to fully comprehend and enjoy the infinite enlightenment of this powerful martial arts skill.

His eyebrows were glittering now, and his forehead looked as bright as a divine lamp.

ring to?"

Austin called out, unable to suppress his curiosity.

"The same one that comes with power; the responsibility to uphold justice in this world!

When the demons and deities were fighting for hegemony, all races were being slaughtered. The end had come for every single being on the planet.

Justice in this land, and that includes our world, was protected by millions of creatures in the past. Hundreds of years has passed, justice is still in peril!

Your luck and talent are quite extraordinary.

I hope that one day you will carry out the responsibility of a Protector."

The middle-aged man's body was becoming more and more ghostly now, and was just about to disappear.

"The responsibility of a Protector? "

He immediately thought of a man ---- Kevin.

The Slave Tower that Austin carried with him was given by a great master named Kevin. When they were talking, Kevin had remarked that Austin was qualified to be a candidate for the post of a Protector.

"Sir, a master named Kevin once told me something about being a Protector. Do you know him?"

Austin called out, looking at the middle-aged man in golden robe who was just about to disappear.

"No, I don't know him.

However, the protection and upholding of justice is the responsibility of billions of creatures in our world. Many powerful people devote themselves to this great cause, and I do not know everyone.

All right!

It's time for me to disappear. I'll send your spiritual soul back,"

the middle aged man finally took his leave.

Then he waved his hand.

Austin felt as he was being wrapped by a whirling force.

Then, he found himself leaving this ancient battlefield behind and going back.

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