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   Chapter 1931 Shoulder The Responsibility

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"The Dragon Formula?"

The unexpected turn of events stunned Austin.

After the dragon killed the black giant bird, it transformed into a man in a golden robe. The man's eyes remained fixed on Austin.

"Nice to meet you, sir."

Austin said in a low voice. The scene that transpired in front of him, left him mesmerized and confused.

"Oh! The Divine Fire Stela is here!"

Surprised, the man in the golden robe waved his hand at Austin.


The Fire Stela in Austin's elixir field rushed out and hovered in front of the man in the golden robe.

A stunning golden radiance gushed out from the Fire Stela as it released a burning temperature in the air. The entire place seemed to be engulfed in flames as the temperature heightened.

"It is indeed the Divine Fire Stela.

Looks like, you have also practiced the Golden Sun Scripture.

Yes, I see it in you."

As he spoke, he examined Austin with his spiritual sense and detected the light golden vital energy inside him. He nodded in approval.

"That's right. How did you know about the Divine Fire Stela and the Golden Sun Scripture, sir?"

Austin was shocked and could not hide his surprise.

The Fire Stela was not very responsive, not even to him. No matter how hard Austin tried to communicate with it, the Fire Stela would just ignore him, and he would not get any response.

It was such a snub, but the man in the golden robe waved his hand, just one time and the Fire Stela rushed out of his body.

There was only one explanation for this: the strength of this man in the golden robe was so dominant he could control the Fire Stela by force.

"It's unbelievable that you've got both the Divine Fire Stela and the Golden Sun Scripture from the Lord of Flaming Sun.

It seems that you are one very lucky fellow.

Aside from talent and strength, a martial artist's fortune is also a vital part of his power.

This time, it was not luck that brought you here, it was fate. You are destined to be the first one to arrive, the chosen one among hundreds of millions of creatures.

I hope that after you get the Dragon Formula, you can focus on studying it right away. It could be very useful for you in the future.

My sorrowful soul have been guarding this place for countles

stin's Soul Sea. It was huge and majestic as it floated around his Soul Sea. It was breathtaking!

For a moment, Austin appeared to be in a trance.

With the presence of the divine dragon, countless information flew into Austin's Soul Sea. He felt every movement and focused on interpreting every single detail.

They were information about the Dragon Formula.

It was indeed an omnipotent skill. Austin stood still as he tried to interpret every symbol, understand the meaning, and imitate the various changes that appeared in the Dragon Formula.

Time flew quickly if one was under meditation. You hardly noticed the day as it came and ended. For all you knew a hundred years could pass unnoticed.

Austin remained in a trance. Trapped in a hypnotic vision as he fell into a deep level of comprehension realm. He could feel all kinds of changes as his power advanced in strength.

After what seemed to be a long spell, flickers of white light came out of Austin's body. Accompanied by a melodious sound, thousands of golden runes flew out and roused him from a deep sleep.

This time, all the golden runes flew out of Austin's body!

Golden runes was flying out of Austin's body nonstop. They hovered above the ancient battlefield and transformed into a bright light. As the brightness turned into mist, figures started to form. There were divine dragons, kirins, phoenixes and even black turtles.

All kinds of powerful legendary beasts appeared. They moved around magically, revealing their powers.

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