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   Chapter 1930 The Battle

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Standing before him was a giant dragon in an upright position. Its head was so high in the clouds that no one was able to see it. The unusually thick body of the dragon was rapidly swirling. It looked extremely powerful.

On the dragon's body, there were pieces of huge, golden cyan dragon scales gleaming with a cold and strangely metallic luster.


A loud noise was heard. It came from the high clouds.

By the sounds, it seemed as if the giant dragon was fighting with someone.

The whole sky and earth were shaking violently. The aftermath of the battle was so brutal that it made Austin's hair stand on end.


Suddenly, a dark, giant bird swooped down from the clouds and flapped its single pair of giant wings. No one knew how long the wings were.

The giant black bird raised its head and flew with full speed. It flapped its wings constantly, bringing up gusts of strong wind. Countless mountains were blown away from the ground like paper. Some of them exploded in midair.

Overwhelming black light swept out of its body. It looked like even day light was shadowed by it.

"Where did this giant bird come from? Why is it here?"

It was such a shocking scene. Austin was left gaping and aghast.

Austin had no doubt that he was quite weak compared to that black bird. He guessed that the black bird could kill him even with its breath.


The void around started to tremble and collapse. The huge dragon also rushed out from the sky and began to chase that giant black bird.

Finally Austin saw the dragon's head clearly.

The ferocious dragon head filled the sky. A pair of huge golden horns looked like deer horns, and there were two dragon eyes like two deep lakes. The powerful dragon breath burst out from the dragon's mouth and continued to tear the void apart.


The dragon and the giant black bird began fighting fiercely again.

Austin could not see them clearly, as they were fighting in the clouds in the sky. Only at a few occasions they would be visible to him.

Every now and then, they were in the sky or below the clouds or closer to the ground, fighting back and forth. The entire battle scene slowly unfolded in front of Austin.

The giant black bird flapped its huge wings. Each time it made those movements, it seemed that it was capable to tear an entire mountain apart easily.

Then the bird's mouth spewed out a sea of overwhelming black fire. The terribly high temperature heated up the heaven and earth. The entire

er away. They flew in the air, and blood splashed.

The giant black bird was sent flying backwards, and a pair of wings seemed to be broken, which made it difficult to fly.


The giant dragon took advantage of the situation and slashed it with its metallic talon.

The giant black bird's body was completely smashed to pieces, and its bones crackled. Many of its bones were broken.

Its body was almost split in half.

With a lot of difficulty, the black giant bird dragged its broken body and fled desperately in the distance.


The giant dragon soared into the sky and pursued the giant black bird, such was its tremendous momentum.

Austin used his bodily movement skill and decided to follow them with all his strength.

Austin realized that this battle was about to come to an end, and he wanted to see it with his own eyes.

Finally, the giant dragon caught up with the black giant bird.

The giant black bird was on the verge of death, as it was now burning the life essence and blood essence to sustain itself. The black light enveloped the whole world.

In the end, one of the strong dragon's claw slammed the head of the giant black bird into pieces.

Austin was able to sense that an extremely powerful being was killed in this way.

Austin couldn't help but sigh.

Suddenly, Austin found the dragon take a leap and its body shrank. It underwent change dramatically. At last, it turned into a middle-aged man in a golden robe.

"Now, I'll teach you the Dragon Formula,"

the middle-aged man in the golden robe said to Austin slowly. There was no anger. Rather it seemed to be spoken as a matter of great prestige.

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