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   Chapter 1928 Fighting Over The Golden Cushion

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7205

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The cultivators were shocked by Austin's physical strength.

Austin immediately rushed towards the golden cushion.

A dozen strong cultivators immediately launched their attacks when they saw Austin was about to reach the golden cushion.

"How dare you? I will not let you get that golden cushion!" the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect screamed.


The halberd in his hand emitted a golden light and rushed towards Austin.

Then there came another attack.

It was from the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect. He released a powerful vital energy force and time power, which also aimed at Austin.


A bright moon shone in the sky and rapidly swirled and slashed towards Austin. This time the attack was from the Holy Daughter of the Moon Palace.

Then, the rest of the strong cultivators followed suit and immediately attacked Austin.

Although Austin was incredibly powerful, he was overwhelmed by his enemies' powers.

Austin knew that he could not withstand the simultaneous attacks. Since he was greatly outnumbered, he didn't have any choice but to retreat.

The strong cultivators did not bother to run after Austin.

They all rushed forward and tried their best to get the golden cushion.

Then there was a sudden burst of laughter nearby.

"Yes! I finally got this cushion,"

someone exclaimed excitedly.

The cultivators immediately looked at the direction where the voice came from and saw a stout young man sitting cross-legged in the purple cushion.

"Who do you think you are to sit on that cushion!"

"If you want to live, get off on that cushion now!"

The stout young man was terrified at the sight of powerful cultivators rushing towards him.

He was immediately attacked by a dozen of cultivators nearby the moment he sat on the purple cushion.

Being surrounded by powerful cultivators left the stout young man with no choice but to give up the fight.

He was about to stand up when something unexpected happened.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The purple cushion shot up numerous purple rays of light and encircled at the stout young man to shield him from the a

cultivators were startled when the aura of death suddenly filled the whole space.

"It's the sea water of the Immortal Burial Sea!"

one of the strong cultivators exclaimed.

Everyone was very angry at Austin. They hated him to the core.

But they didn't have any choice but to dodge the seawater.

Everyone was afraid of the seawater of the Immortal Burial Sea because even the cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm could get hurt very badly from it.

While everyone was trying to avoid the dark seawater, Austin took this chance to reach the golden cushion.

"Let's work together and kill this trash first!"

the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect said angrily.

"You're right. Let's get started and end this guy first!"

"Hurry up! Stop him! Kill that Bastard! He's about to sit on it!"

The other strong cultivators agreed with the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect.

While dodging the seawater, the strong cultivators joined together and quickly launched all kinds of powerful attacks against Austin.

When Austin was about to jump into the golden cushion, more than ten terrible attacks had ripped the space and reached him.

Each of the strong cultivators had incredibly powerful martial arts skills.

The power of each one of them could match Austin.

Numerous cracks appeared on the space where Austin stood. It was evident that it was due to collapse soon because of the relentless attacks.

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