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   Chapter 1926 The Joint Attack

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Screw you! I will not give you anything!

You are such a self-centered, stuck-up boy. Do you really think your weak array can do anything to harm me?"

Austin could not stop himself from laughing so hard.

He looked at the young man in purple, who had a proud expression on his face as if he was a master giving orders to his servants. Austin felt angry but amused.

"What? You're still okay?

You... It cannot be! How could you remain unhurt?

That is impossible!

A lot of blood sand hit you. How could you still  be okay?"

It stunned the young man in purple as he watched Austin rolled in laughter. His eyes filled with disgust and unbelief.

Even a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm would die right away or become disabled if hit by blood sand.

He could see that countless blood sand was hitting the body of the boy in front of him.

'Why is he unharmed?'

The young man could not believe his eyes.

What he didn't know was that Austin had completed two rounds of Immortal Body Refining Formula, so the strength of his body was beyond imagination.

Austin's body, with his energy and  toughness, was now a magic treasure in human form. It was almost impossible to hurt him using common attack. His body was covered by so much defense power only a real master or an excellent ultimate magical treasure could hurt him.

Much as every bit of the blood sand was a forceful magic treasure that had been refined, it still could not hurt Austin.

Austin's body immediately repelled the blood sand as it came in contact with his skin. Austin remained unblemished, without a single scratch on his skin.

"He's unharmed?"

The people watching them were all stunned. All they could do was watch Austin turn red from laughing so hard. They soon realized that the boy in front of them was untouchable.

It was ridiculous how they had just discussed how to carve up the treasure from him.

Austin, after he had recovered from laughing, composed himself then summoned the Spiritual Pot to attack the Soul Sea of the young man in purple.

His arms grew and twisted into the air. It soon turned into two gigantic flood dragons with long blood veins around their neck. The fire on his body emanated as it relea


Austin looked around and saw a large group of beautiful women standing in the far corner of the hall. They were disciples of the Moon Palace.

The beautiful Isis was among them.

Isis stared at Austin, and her bewitching eyes were filled with worry.

Austin realized that Isis had recognized him.

She knew that he had the sea water from the Immortal Burial Sea.

"Are you Austin Lin?"

Isis whispered again.

Austin smiled to himself. She was a dangerous woman.

She had long doubted his true identity.

"You can make a break towards me and pretend to take me as a hostage to threaten the people from the Moon Palace.

People from our Moon Palace won't let me get hurt.

Then all my sisters will have no choice but to protect you and escort you out of this place."

As Austin failed to reply right away, Isis became more worried and gritted her teeth in frustration. She then sent another message to Austin.

Hearing this, Austin was very grateful.

"That is unnecessary. It won't be fair for you.

Don't worry. It's not that easy for them to kill me."

Austin sent a message back to Isis.

Suddenly, the faint power in the hall disappeared.

Out of nowhere, they could hear someone chanting delightful lines from scriptures.

It sounded like thousands of great masters were preaching and singing hymns at the same time.

To everyone's surprise, the solid enchantments and ancient words etched on the walls began to move and set off dazzling lights.

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