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   Chapter 1925 The Chilly Wind Array

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"Divine Phoenix Fist!"

Someone in the hall couldn't help but marvel in a low voice.

Everyone stared at the phoenix that was releasing a surge of energy. As they had felt the overwhelming momentum that filled the entire hall, they already knew that this was definitely a terrifying vital energy martial arts skill.

Austin's face darkened. The Divine Phoenix Fist that his opponent had used seemed to have a great power. The entire palace was wrapped in a terrifying vital energy force.

The phoenix flew over and the purple light dazzled. It seemed that the force of the Divine Phoenix Fist would destroy everything that would come its way. As it was flying towards Austin, he prepared himself. Instead of dodging its attack, Austin fought back with his fist.

The blood and energy dragons moved around Austin's right arm. They looked majestic and intimidating.


A loud sound that was like a crash of immortal thunder resonated across the palace. The palace shook violently. It was so strong that it could even collapse a mountain and create a tsunami.

The two fought fiercely.

The crowd retreated to make a room for them as they continued to fight like there was no tomorrow.

The people from the ancient sects and the four major schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land wanted to see how powerful the young man in front of them was.

As watching the battle, they all felt a little upset.

Since the Middle Pilgrim Land was the center of the whole Divine Continent, they had always believed that the real young talents were all among them.

But now that Austin came out of nowhere and showed a strength that could match them, it shattered their pride.

Moreover, he had taken many treasures from them including the divine wine, the ultimate magical treasure and the divine silkworm.

So now, they were all hoping that a talented young cultivator from their group would defeat Austin.

When that happened, they could prove to everyone that the real young talent was in the Middle Pilgrim Land and the four major schools.


The two were still engaged in a fierce battle inside the hall.

One was shooting purple lights into the sky while the other was emitting blazing lights of blood essence. When they bumped into each other from time to time, a formidable shock wave of vital energy force would spread out in all directions like a tsunami.

The people around them were all shocked covertly.

They didn't expect that the fight between Austin and the young man in purple would be a draw.

The young man in purple was a great tal

. He was looking at Austin with mockery on his face.

"Brat, if you give me all your treasures and you kneel in front of me right now to beg, I might consider giving you the antidote," he said arrogantly.

"Otherwise, you'll have to endure the pain while your body is gradually deteriorating. Sooner or later, you will just turn into a pool of blood," he added.

The young man was very confident that he had already defeated Austin.

He looked down at Austin in ridicule.

For him, Austin's life was already under his control.

Since every single crimson sand was refined carefully and its power was terrifying, he strongly believed that Austin would not be able to deal with it. After all, even a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm would not dare to touch it with any parts of his body, let alone a young man like Austin.

No matter how strong his physical strength was, he couldn't be stronger than a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

When the other cultivators heard the young man in purple mentioned about taking all of Austin's treasures, they got furious. They had not expected that he had planned to take them all by himself

"Don't think that you can take all his treasures. We will divide all of them equally," said the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect.

His voice was full of sarcasm.

"That's right. We should divide his treasures equally."

The rest of the strong cultivators also shouted. They agreed with the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect.

But the young man in purple didn't mind them. Instead, he turned to Austin again and glared at him with cold eyes.

"Boy, I'll give you one last chance. Crawl over here and kneel down. Then give me all your treasures!"

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