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   Chapter 1924 It's You!

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"Just go to hell!"

Shouting aloud, the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect suddenly launched an attack.

He clapped his hands. The moment he did so, there was a bright yellow light that emanated from between his fingers which was dazzling. Immediately, pieces of light fell like rain. They were all flying towards Austin and covered him completely.

Austin curled his fingers and formed a strong punch. With that, a terrifying dragon of blood full of energy appeared on his arm. It had tremendous power. The space around it shook continuously.


Austin's fist shook off pieces of the yellow light after the collision.

But a weird feeling came rushing across his arm and rose higher in Austin's body. It tried to cover his whole body.

Suddenly, Austin felt as if time had slowed down.

His movements too slowed down along with time, and his whole body seemed to be moving slowly.

The power of time!

Austin could not hide the fact that he was extremely shocked. He instantly recognized what caused the weird feeling. It was indeed the power of time.

In fact, the power of time was not something new for Austin.

When he was in the Nonuple Isles of the Middle World Waters in the Prime Martial World, there was an infinite aura. That was when he came across the power of time.

Later, the soul of the infinity beast had held his hand and given the egg to him in hope that he would take care of the egg find an opportunity to hatch it. Therefore, Austin did know about the power of time.

The Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect was using the power of time to slow down Austin's speed.

"Huh! I thought you were very capable. It looks like you are nothing but just a piece of trash.

So, I would tell you to go to hell!"

seeing Austin slow down, the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect snorted. He turned his hand into a giant vital energy palm. The palm came towards Austin's head in a flash and tried to tear him into pieces.

At that time, being affected by the power of time, Austin's movements became slow. It was difficult for him to dodge as his bodily movement was not flexible.

Austin released all his physical strength. He shook his right arm and enlarged it into a huge arm. It was as thick as a flood dragon and occupied a large space. All the people around them stepped back in surprise.

The power it released was so strong that it could destroy everything.


Austin released all his physical strength. The whole hall shook vigorously. It looked like a ferocious tiger running down the mountain when the flood dragon was thrust ahead.

The effect of the power of time on his body was instantly shattered.

It was a well

ou as well,"

the Holy Son of the Nether Sect too asked viciously.

Dozens of cultivators who were present there, cast their greedy eyes on Austin and surrounded him in the middle.

"Ha ha! You are right. I have the ultimate magical treasures and the divine wine and the divine silkworm with me. Do you really want them?

Why don't you just take them from me, if you can?"

Austin knew that in this case, it did not matter what he said. It would be useless to talk sense to them. The final result would definitely be a fight, so he laughed aggressively.

"Huh! You refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit.

In that case, believe me, I will kill you first."

The young man who was wearing a purple gown looked at Austin. There was a trace of contempt on his face and his voice.

Then, he shook his shoulders fiercely. Strong vital energy force burst out. A purple light broke out from his right arm, which was blazing high and reached up to the sky. The terrifying fluctuating light rushed towards Austin, and a disdainful look appeared on his face.

Vaguely, all the cultivators heard a long, high pitched roar. Their ears were still reeling under the echo of the thunder, and their hearts were beating faster and faster.

Suddenly, there appeared a huge phoenix. It freed itself from the void, waving its teeth and claws. There was a ferocity in it as if it wanted to destroy the whole world.

The phoenix was not an ordinary diabolic beast that could be compared to anything else. Rather it was one of the legendary divine birds, which was very terrifying to see.

At that time, the young man's shoulders shook. His right arm was very thick, and purple light flew up into the sky. The horrible fluctuations within him seemed to have caused a phoenix to rush out of his arm.

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