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   Chapter 1923 Enter The Palace

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Austin climbed up the stone ladder and soon reached the top of the golden mountain.

The mountain was very big. It was shrouded by clouds and mist.

There was a grand palace on the mountain. It was considered solemn and sacred. The faint sound of chanting sutras could be heard from there. It was very amazing!

Outside the gate of the palace, Austin saw the people from the Middle Pilgrim Land and the four schools. They were all rushing inside.

"Humph! Damn you, young man! Didn't you hear me clearly just now?" shouted a man in white to Austin.

He was one of those who hadn't entered the palace yet, but he was also from the Middle Pilgrim Land.

"People from the other four regions are not allowed to climb the mountain. Do you really want to die?" he added with a sneer.

People from the Middle Pilgrim Land and the four schools were always feeling superior to the people from the other four regions.

They liked bullying other people especially those who had weaker cultivation.

However, Austin just ignored him and rushed to the gate of the palace.

"Are you deaf?"

the young man in white sneered, glaring at Austin with his cold eyes.

Austin turned around and faced the young man in white.

"If you don't want to die, don't provoke me," he said calmly.

Austin actually didn't take this young man seriously because he knew that those who were left outside the palace were relatively all weak. Those really strong cultivators had already entered the palace first.

"Damn you! Go to hell!" The young man in white became more furious.

He jerked his hand forward to slap Austin. The vital energy force surrounded his fingers. It gave people a heavy sense of pressure as if a meteorite was falling down.

Austin sneered. He clapped his hands forward to fight back.


With a crisp sound, the young man's arm was torn apart immediately. It was badly deformed and its bones even came out.

He was then thrown backwards into the air.

The onlookers gasped in astonishment.

Austin didn't use any martial arts skills in dealing with the young man in white. He just used his physical strength.

"You've gone too far! You are neither from the Middle Pilgrim Land nor from one of the four schools. How dare you come here and attack people?" said a tall young man coldly.

He was about to enter the palace when he saw what happened.

Of course, he also would not allow someone to bully anyon

o any sound inside the palace," threatened a dignified young man.

"Just watch the runes and try to decipher them."

This young man was a talent from the White Tiger School.

He looked so highly of himself and he enjoyed a high status among the crowd.

Upon hearing what he had said, those cultivators whose spiritual sense force were weak covered their ears to block their sense of hearing.

"Ummm... what sect are you from? I don't remember seeing you before." A boy around twelve or thirteen asked Austin suddenly.

He had a very cold voice.

He was staring at Austin with his sharp eyes.

"It seems that you are not from the Middle Pilgrim Land nor from one of the four schools," he added.

The boy was the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect.

"He is not from the Middle Pilgrim Land nor from one of the four schools. He belongs to one of the other four regions," said a young man in white who showed up suddenly. He walked towards Austin and stared at him with resentful eyes.

He had bandages around his arm and his body was covered with blood. He looked so messy from head to toe.

"This man is very arrogant. He didn't only insult the Middle Pilgrim Land and the four schools but also beat our pals just now."

The young man in white was actually one of the men that Austin had beaten badly outside the gate a moment ago.

"Aha! So, this asshole wants to die," said the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect.

He sneered after hearing what the young man in white had said. Suddenly, a murderous look flashed through his eyes.

Everyone in the palace looked at Austin with a vicious expression.

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