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   Chapter 1922 Meet Will Fang Again

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Austin nodded at the people of the Deep Sea Commercial House and Ward's subordinates to encourage them that he wasn't playing games or setting a trap. Some of them stood with their mouths open while others exchanged worried looks. However, after a few minutes had passed and nothing bad had happened, a couple of them walked towards the stone ladders and began to climb. The others saw them getting to safety and didn't hesitate before turning and scrambling for the rungs of the ladders.

Watching them ascend, Austin felt pride and power sweep through him. There was nothing he liked more than helping people that deserved it, except hurting people that had done obvious wrong. His eyes swept the area and he spotted a team of the fire crow race.

He rushed over to them and did the same thing. They were less hesitant than the others had been and allowed Austin to help them up the stone ladders before everyone else.

As he looked over his shoulder, Austin saw the people of the beast race from the East Mainland a few feet away. Their eyes were focused on

the people of the Rudimentary Holy Land, one of the three holy lands in the East Mainland, who were approaching them with weapons drawn.

Behind them was a stone ladder and it didn't take long for Austin to realize what was about to happen. Before he could yell at them, a fight had broken out. Yells and cries echoed through the air, but Austin's attention was pulled elsewhere.

"Will Fang?"

What had been the back of a man's head turned around and Austin's jaw dropped. Will Fang was standing in front of him and he was the last person Austin had expected to find here.

Many years ago, Will went undercover and snuck into the base of the Flame Holy Land. He used his disguise to gain the people's trust and finally became a disciple of the holy land.

All of this had been a ploy to learn the secrets and routines of the base of the Flame Holy Land.

Once he had his information, he called upon the troops of the seven sects and they attacked the base of the Flame Holy Land.

The base was eventually destroyed, and more than half of the disciples were killed.

Ever since then, Austin had wanted to destroy Will Fang.

Austin had never forgotten the anger that had rushed through his veins when he learned what Will had done.

He had been searching for Will for a long time with no luck.

Will was smart and knew that the people of the Flame Holy Land would want revenge.

So, for the past few years, he had been hiding in the base of the Rudimentary Holy Land and he had been cultivating in seclusion.

He had prevented Austin from finding him and he had escaped his punishment.


stin went over to help those people from the Han Clan.

Austin felt quite satisfied with his progress. So far, only the people of the Flame Holy Land, the Deep Sea Commercial House, Ward's team, the fire crow race, the beast race from the East Mainland, and the Han Clan had made it up the ladders.

"On the Divine Continent, excluding the Middle Pilgrim Land, the cultivators from the other four regions are too weak.

It seems that the Middle Pilgrim Land is confirmed to be the center of the Divine Continent and the most prosperous place for the cultivation of martial arts.

The other four regions are nothing compared to it,"

Austin said to himself, sighing. They were too weak to do most things on their own, so he was required to help them.

With his strength, it was simple to defeat cultivators below the Major-perfection Realm from the four regions by himself.

However, an elite disciple of any ancient sect in the Middle Pilgrim Land could rival him.

As he mulled it over, Austin shook his head and felt hopeless.

But his sorrow didn't last long. As he looked up the stone ladders, he noticed the middle one.

And it led to the golden mountain.

Above him were nine mountains: eight purple ones and one golden one. Just looking at them, he determined that the golden one held the most valuable treasures.

Up until now, the golden mountain was filled with disciples of the ancient sects from the Middle Pilgrim Land and the cultivators from the other four regions were not allowed to go in.

"You know what? I can climb the golden mountain and battle the people from the Middle Pilgrim Land, acquiring all the treasures for myself,"

Austin sneered, frowning at the middle ladder.

Without any further thought, he began climbing the ladder.

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