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   Chapter 1921 Escort Them Up The Stone Stair

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Austin didn't wait to answer their questions. Instead he lifted his foot and stepped on it again with all his force. He was so full of anger at that point of time that he could not think straight.

The cultivators at the Major-perfection Realm of both the Western Sect and the Ji Clan roared together unanimously. Some of them activated their martial arts while some of them brought out magic treasure to attack the leg that was attacking constantly. The cultivators too refused to give up in front of Austin's power. They were extremely courageous.

Bang! Bang! Bang

Austin gritted his teeth in extreme rage and kept stepping on them without rest. He was as swift as the lightning and his attacks went on for a dozen times. It seemed like an unstoppable cycle.

It had to be said that using physical strength to fight was indeed very simple, fast and direct, giving people a sense of pleasure.

The twelve cultivators of the Major-perfection Realm from the Ji Clan and the Western Sect roared in resentment and fought back bravely without wavering even a little bit. Their spirit was indomitable.

The twelve cultivators at the Major-perfection Realm, half of them were from the Ji Clan, and the other half were from the Western Sect. They were used to calling the shot in their own place in normal times. But tables had turned here.

Now, they were pinned down by their opponent's giant foot and had no escape from it. They never expected this to happen.

It was a feeling of grave frustration and helplessness.

However, they couldn't fly in this space. Although they were not oblivious to the fact that Austin's real body was in midair, they couldn't fly upward to hit Austin and bring him down.

However, Austin could easily stay upright in midair with the support of one of his giant feet.

If they were in the outside world, they could fly in the air and attack Austin from all directions. They would in no way have been suppressed by one of Austin's giant foot.

"How dare you! Go to hell!"

shouted a fat and short middle-aged man who looked like a ball. With a sudden kick of his feet, he jumped high into the air like lightening.

There was no denying the fact that the physical strength of this short and fat middle-aged man was also very strong.


The obese and short middle-aged man finally jumped into the air in a whiff and stood face to face with Austin. He seemed ready for the duel.

Just some moments prior, all his attacks were blocked by Austin's big foot.

But now he felt that he could finally launch a frontal attac

lan and fled in a hurry.

As soon as the people from the Ji Clan fled away, the members of the Western Sect immediately ran after them, not daring to risk their lives anymore.

"Tell me who you are! Why did you choose to help the Flame Holy Land instead of helping us Ji Clan in the East Mainland?"

Not far away, the middle-aged leader in black turned his head and stared at Austin with immense hatred and coldness in his eyes.

"Hey, there is no reason specifically. I just don't like you scheming with people. So I wanted to teach you guys a lesson."

Austin, of course, in no way, would reveal his true identity.

"Well then. Next time, we will definitely have a chance to repay you for what you have done to us today,"

the middle-aged man in black replied coldly and threateningly. Then he left with his people without looking back even once.

Austin took a glance at the other stone stair.

The stone stair was also filled with innumerable people, who were fighting with each other in order to escape first.

The four or five sects were all fighting for their own interests and no one was willing to give in.

Austin found out that among the four or five sects, one was from the Deep Sea Commercial House, and the followers of Ward.

So Austin rushed over quickly.


A mountain-like giant foot came down from the sky with huge power.

Bang! Bang! Bang

A large group of people were swept away again by this giant foot that crashed upon them.

As these sects had not crossed Austin before, so Austin didn't kill them but he kicked them out of the scene instead.

"You go up there now."

Austin instructed the men from the Deep Sea Commercial House and Ward's followers.

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