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   Chapter 1920 A Gigantic Foot Falling From The Sky

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8016

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"Look! Over there! They are now on their way to the mountains!"

someone shouted.

Immediately, the people from the ancient, top-notch sects, and the four martial arts schools in the Middle Pilgrim Land rushed forward.

The cultivators from the other four regions also dashed towards the floating mountains since they didn't want to be left behind.

A thick purple mist covered the whole area under the nine mountains.

Once they reached the fog, they found nine narrow stone stairs. Each of them was leading to one of the nine mountains.

Those people from the prominent sects and the four martial arts schools dashed towards the stone stairs that led to the golden mountain.

"All of you stop! Only people from the Middle Pilgrim Land can climb this stone ladder.

Anyone from the four other regions who will try to climb it will be killed," a boy said sternly.

He glared at the cultivators from the other four regions threateningly.

The arrogant boy was the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect.

With a dark look of warning in their eyes, the Middle Pilgrim Land masters also intimidated the crowd.

Then, all the cultivators from the top sects and the four martial arts schools started to climb the stone ladder.

The admonition made the people from the other four regions very furious.

They also wanted to explore the golden mountain because they knew that it was full of precious treasures.

But they couldn't do anything because the people from the Middle Pilgrim Land were too powerful.

Even if the cultivators from the other four regions joined together against the people from the Middle Pilgrim Land, they still wouldn't stand a chance.

The cultivators from the other four regions had no choice but to climb the other eight stone ladders.

Since everyone was aiming for treasures, it would be impossible for the cultivators not to fight.

Everyone wanted to be the first to reach the palace since he would be able to get more treasures.

So the fierce battle between cultivators started to break out.

Cultivators from the other four regions rushed at the foot of each stone ladder and tried to be the first one to climb.

Austin looked around and found a group of people from the Flame Holy Land.

"The four stewards are here too!"

Austin was delighted by their presence.

The four stewards were at the foot of one

eal, with flesh and blood. The foot had thick hair, and they clearly saw its skin texture and blood vessels. They could even hear the flowing of its blood.

The giant foot was not made from vital energy.

It was a real foot!

No one could see that it was Austin because the gigantic foot covered the sky.

The giant foot moved again, but this time it stepped down from the sky with a horrible force.

A violent wind blew the sand and stones in all directions.

Austin was determined to kill all the people of the Ji Clan and the Western Sect with his massive foot.

"Bloody hell! Run! That foot is coming again!"

"What's wrong? Why is that foot is only going after us?"

Everyone from the Ji Clan and the Western Sect was scared to death.

"Go to hell!"

The masters at the Major-perfection Realm from the two forces were very furious. They knew that someone was attacking them.

The foot continued to chase after its target.

There were twelve Major-perfection Realm masters in the two forces. They knew that they must do something so that the massive foot would stop its attack.

They all joined together and attacked the giant foot with their strong vital energy force.

The attacks of the combined forces of the twelve Major-perfection Realm cultivators were extremely powerful.

They successfully stopped the giant foot from attacking their people.

"Huh! Who the hell are you? Why did you attack us?" the middle-aged man in black from the Ji Clan snorted angrily.

With the use of his spiritual sense, he spotted the leg's owner high in the sky.

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