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   Chapter 1919 Seeing Intelligent Semi-omnipotent Herbs Again

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7264

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Austin went back to the old herb garden once again since he still wanted to get the three intelligent semi-omnipotent herbs.

He was planning to search for them once again.

After entering the garden, he looked around and saw no sign of the people.

There were no superior herbs left in the garden either.

Austin examined the huge garden and tried to find the three intelligent semi-omnipotent herbs, but he found no signs of them either.

When he was about to catch the old turtle, the child in purple, and the white snake the last time, they had entered into the ground and disappeared without a trace.

'Are they hiding somewhere in the ground?'

Austin wondered.

Thinking that, he stomped his feet on the ground and jumped into the air. His right foot enlarged infinitely, and then, he kicked down on the ground of the herbal garden.

The ground shook and rumbled. The earth of the herbal garden cracked everywhere, and holes at least a hundred meters wide appeared everywhere, filling every corner of the herbal garden.

Austin jumped into one of the holes and moved around in the ground by using his physical strength, searching for the herbs underground.

He looked everywhere but found no trace.

"Looks like the three intelligent semi-omnipotent herbs have left this garden."

Austin jumped outside and shook his head in disappointment.

Intelligent semi-omnipotent herbs could even evolve into omnipotent herbs sometimes, so they were extremely valuable.

Austin couldn't help feeling sad when he pondered over how he had missed the three herbs.

"Just let it go."

Austin shook his head and began walking out of the garden calmly.

Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and stared at a peak in the distance.

Something had caught his attention.

On the hillside, far away from him, stood an old turtle, carrying a child in purple, and a snow-white snake.

They were all looking at Austin with anger in their eyes.

Suddenly, a vague voice resounded inside his Soul Sea, as if someone was using ventriloquism to talk to him.

"You're a bad guy! You ruined our home!"

It was the boy in purple who was compl

shrouded in a purple light appeared in front of them.

To Austin's surprise, the nine mountains were all floating in the air.

Each mountain was enveloped by both clouds and a mysterious purple light. It was difficult for them to get a clear image of them. They looked mysterious, as if immortals had dwelled in there long ago.

The entire company gazed at the mountains in shock. How could such huge mountains float like cotton balls?

Austin observed the mountains carefully and found that the mountain in the middle was emitting a dazzling golden light.

The other eight mountains only gave off purple lights.

There was only one golden mountain. But all of them looked magnificent and awe-inspiring.

Austin also noticed that there were grand, solemn, and mysterious sacred palaces on each of the mountains.

Sounds were coming from them, which made people's bodies tremble and their souls resonate.

"It is said that there are priceless treasures in the nine palaces!

If we enter the palace, we are likely to obtain them."

"Are those rumors true? I don't think they are..."

"That doesn't matter. We will know after we break into those palaces anyway.

Besides, this place looks amazing anyway. Even if there are no priceless treasures, I bet there are precious items in there and sights worth exploring."

"You have a point!"

The cultivators looked at the nine mountains and began discussing animatedly.

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