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   Chapter 1918 Refine Body Again

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"Ahhh, never mind that right now. The most important thing for the moment is to find a place to cultivate the Immortal Body Refining Formula once again,"

Austin discreetly told himself as he glanced at the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect, who, along with a rather large group of disciples from his sect, was rushing towards him furiously.

The Holy Son was a very powerful cultivator and an even better warrior. Austin knew that he wasn't going to defeat the Holy Son easily; at least for now. The only way he could see of winning a fight against the latter was using the water of the Immortal Burial Sea.

The elite disciples of the ancient sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land were highly resilient. It was really hard to deal with them.

For example, Austin had fought against the Holy Son of the Nether Sect for quite a while but had been unable to defeat him.

He reckoned that the Holy Sons of both — the Unworldly Sect and the Nether Sect — should have almost the same levels of fighting power and strength. If that was so, then Austin was at a disadvantage.

Furthermore, there were several other seemingly powerful disciples of the Unworldly Sect with the Holy Son too. In the past few minutes, they had been busy gathering the semi-omnipotent herbs, but now, with those herbs divided up, they had all freed themselves up, and were now approaching Austin with malicious intentions.

Austin thought for a while and decided that his best bet was to dodge them for the time being.

He turned around and rushed out of the garden.

When the disciples of the Unworldly Sect pursuing him saw their target evade them, they became anxious and rushed after him

"Brat, if you are a man, stop! Fight me like a true one!"

they shouted behind him, trying to stop him by provoking his ego.

"Fuck you! Try fighting me if you can catch me!"

Austin called out loudly.

The area was blocked by some special rules, and it was impossible to fly here, so one could only run on the ground.

Physically, Austin was extremely strong and resilient.

Within moments, he gained momentum, reaching speeds of lightning and leaving those chasing disciples far behind him.

The poor pursuers could only shout in anger as they saw their mark recede from them at an impossible pace.

Even the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect could not catch up with Austin, let alone his followers.

"You brat! You better hope that we never meet again! If we do, I'll bury you!"

The Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect stared at Austin's rapidly disappearing back with a murderous gaze, feeling depressed and defeated.

Even though it was a powerful and ancient sect of the Middle Pilgrim Land, the Unworldly Sect had just g

the entire sky.

Under the attack of this giant leg, even the sky seemed to shake under duress.

A sudden gust of wind appeared out of nowhere, and the clouds above him were torn into pieces. Numerous trees were pulled out of the ground and whirled around with soil still stuck in their roots.

Dark cracks appeared in the space around Austin's leg, which began to appear and disappear continuously.

Then, Austin withdrew his right foot and it regained its normal condition, as if nothing had happened.


Austin kicked off the ground with his left foot, and the result was the same. His left leg also enlarged infinitely and turned into a giant one with endless force around it. He was very satisfied with the effects of the skill that he had just practiced.

'It turns out I now possess another Omnipotent Bodily Skill of legs now, '

Austin thought inside.

However, he still had not managed to acquire the Arhat Golden Body.

Austin reckoned that he might not be able to destroy the ultimate magical treasures merely with his body at this level of cultivation. He could at most be sure that he would not be broken into pieces if he did try to do that.

"Looks like I still haven't cultivated the Immortal Body Refining Formula to the extreme,"

Austin murmured.

This time, he had made great progress in his body refinements, but he still hadn't reached the topmost level of the Immortal Body Refining Formula.

'I might need to repeat the Immortal Body Refining Formula once, or even several times more, if I want to have the Arhat Golden Body, '

Austin thought.

Then, he strode out of the massive mountain ranges.

With the enhancement in his physical strength, his speed had also increased several folds. He left the mountain ranges far behind him in a moment.

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