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   Chapter 1917 Fighting Over Superior Herbs

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While he was in the process of collecting superior herbs, Austin saw some disciples from the Flame Holy Land, the beast race of the East Mainland, the Deep Sea Commercial House and the fire crow race.

He knew that the leaders of these forces had sent many disciples to the Fallen Immortal World because they'd thought that it could be a good chance for them to improve themselves. In this world, they could train themselves and they could have some amazing adventures.

Austin considered these people as his friends, particularly the disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

He was the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land so he felt responsible in helping its people.

Hence, every time he found them in trouble, he would help them secretly.

"Damn it! Fuck off, you people from the East Mainland! All the superior herbs here is ours," shouted one disciple of the Unworldly Sect.

He tried to drive the cultivators from other sects away.

The superior herbs in this field were at seventh grade and above. They were extremely precious so many sects were really interested in them.

Actually, the group of cultivators from the East Mainland was the first to reach this superior herb field. The disciples of the Unworldly Sect only joined them later. However, since the disciples of the Unworldly Sect found out that the superior herbs here were high-grade, they wanted to claim all of them as theirs.

"We were the ones who arrived here first. What makes you think you own all these herbs?" retorted a disciple from the Flame Holy Land.

He was a tough person so he had a stubborn personality. He had the guts to talk back to the people of the Unworldly Sect fearlessly.

"Because we are from the Unworldly Sect of the Middle Pilgrim Land. Do you have a problem with that?" said one disciple of the Unworldly Sect with a sneer.

He approached that disciple who talked back to them.

This disciple of the Unworldly Sect was at the preliminary stage of Major-perfection Realm.

"Come on, we are no match for him. Just let it go," persuaded a girl from the Flame Holy Land.

She tugged the sleeve of their disciple to stop him from arguing more.

"Let's just hurry up and go to other fields. We can also collect superior herbs there. This is not the only field where we can get superior herbs," she added.

The girl was actually good-looking and full of life. She had fine featur

and was about to call his name but Austin stopped her promptly.

"Don't call my name or else, I will be in trouble," he said to Zoe.

Zoe was stunned for a moment but eventually nodded her head obediently. She then led the disciples of the Flame Holy Land to other fields to continue picking superior herbs.

This old herb garden was vast so there was a huge amount of superior herbs.

These amount of superior herbs could only be found here. It was impossible to see so many superior herbs in other places outside the Fallen Immortal World.

Just a few moments later, Austin had gotten thousands of sixth grade superior herbs. Some of them were even at a higher level.

Actually, he had acquired many of them by robbing from other disciples of the Middle Pilgrim Land.

He had also robbed some superior herbs from the disciples of the three holy lands, the Ji Clan, and the Shen Clan of the East Mainland.

The reason why he stole their superior herbs was because they had provoked him.

Finally, Austin decided to stop collecting superior herbs and take a rest. Based on his estimate, he had gotten around nine thousand superior herbs at a sixth grade level and higher.

Those herbs were enough for him to practice the Immortal Body Refining Formula again from the start.

While Austin was relaxing a bit, the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect together with a horde of disciples appeared out of the blue.

"That's him, Holy Son. He killed many of our disciples and stole our Space Rings," said one of the disciples to the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect while pointing at Austin.

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