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   Chapter 1916 Fighting Against The Holy Son Of The Nether Sect

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Those cultivators looked back at Austin and gritted their teeth in anger. But they also realized that Austin was as strong as or even stronger than they were.

It was true that they too were strong cultivators, but they knew they did not possess the level of talent that Austin did. Thus, they made the prudent decision of not starting a fight with Austin. This would have just made things difficult for them and Austin alike.

At this time, Austin ran up to another semi-omnipotent herb and grabbed it quickly.

Austin turned back as he saw something glisten against the light from the corner of his eyes.

It was a pitch black spear which was finding its way towards him, the tip defiantly targeting the center of his chest.

Austin quickly raised his hand and slashed the black spear with a powerful beam of sword aura. Immediately, the sliced halves of the spear fell to the ground.

"You Imbecile! Why are you asking for your own death?"

A stiff figure appeared on the scene, threatening Austin. It was the Holy Son of the Nether Sect. He rushed to the semi-omnipotent herb and tried to grab it before Austin.

Austin's eyes were as cold as ice. There was no way he would let the Holy Son succeed let alone kill him.

With a wave of his hand, five streaks of sword auras appeared and formed an obscure sword array. It strangled the Holy Son of the Nether Sect violently. The immense power of the five-element law shook the space.

He didn't stop with that. Austin suddenly released his physical strength and launched a brutal punch at his opponent. Instantly, all his vital energy and blood were surging in the air. A blazing illusory divine fire rose from the surface of his body.

"Since you wish to die so badly, I'll give you a hand!"

The Holy Son of the Nether Sect said coldly, taking a moment to compose himself from the burn of Austin's punch. Then a black giant sword appeared in his hand and blocked all the five streaks of the Five-element Sword Aura.


A black iron chain thrust out of his body. A strong sense of death emanated from the chain along with drops of bright red blood dropping from it. Faint sobs could be heard from within the metal that formed the chain.

The chain flew across the space towards Austin.

It was vibrating in a frenzy and tried to wrap itself around him.

Austin could not help but feel frightened in his heart because the aura of the iron chain was very peculiar. It had the power to strongly affect other people's emotions, making people want to give up resistance. It made them want to sacrifice themselv

perior herbs,"

Austin said out loud.

If he wanted to practice the Immortal Body Refining Formula again, he needed at least nine thousand superior herbs at or above grade six.

But Austin had only got about five or six thousand superior herbs left with him.

Therefore, Austin decided it was not prudent to waste time on the semi-omnipotent herbs. Instead he turned his attention towards grabbing the superior herbs.

"Fuck off, you all!"

Austin rushed to a superior herb field and shouted.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In this superior herb field, all the warriors were suddenly knocked away by Austin's strong physical strength.

Austin collected the superior herbs as fast as lightning.

"Go to hell!"

The cultivators who had been hit by Austin were enraged and rushed after him.

However, the really strong warriors were still scrambling for the semi-omnipotent herbs fiercely. A majority of the warriors who had been taking the superior herbs were not that powerful.

Austin raised his hand and swept five streaks of sword aura. This forced a large group of warriors to fall back.

Austin's Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship was very powerful. It was one of the main methods he used to fight against his enemies.

"Fuck off, you rascals!"

Austin rushed to another superior herb field and let out a long howl. The illusory fire that surrounded him was akin to burning rubies. It almost burnt the whole space into ashes.

Austin's fists hit like lightning and a dozen cultivators were blown away like kites fluttering away after their strings were broken.

Austin had his eyes set on the weak fighters.

If there were stronger cultivators, Austin decided that he would dodge them at once.

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