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   Chapter 1915 Fighting Over Semi-omnipotent Herbs

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8650

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An hour later, Austin had been able to slay most of the demonic wolves. There were only about a hundred of them left there now.

Lots of cultivators charged at the remaining demonic wolves. They killed or brutally injured half of them in a few seconds.

Austin didn't stay back to fight those wolves. Instead, he rushed towards the herbal garden at full speed.

"Come on! Let's go to the herb garden!"

Upon seeing Austin running towards the garden, the cultivators too ignored the dozens of dying wolves and dashed in the direction of the herb garden.

Austin ran as fast as lightning. In a moment, he surpassed all the others and took the lead of the group.

Behind Austin, there was a group of strong cultivators.

And other relatively weak cultivators were left a little far behind.

"It's that brat again! He already took our superior herbs!

Now, he seems to outrun us again!" the cultivators roared in anger, as they watched Austin running faster than him.

He was in front of them in a matter of seconds.

"Yes, it's him. No one can run faster than him. Look at his speed!"

"Damn it! How come this brat has such a massive physical strength? How can he be so powerful?"

Many cultivators, who were lagging behind, began cursing Austin.

"Huh! Do you think you alone can take all these treasures? We won't let that happen. Go to hell!" the boy in the group, who seemed about twelve years old, shouted coldly.

He kept staring at Austin's back.

He was the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect.

Suddenly, the wings on his back stretched and flapped, producing black and white energy waves. As he kept flapping his wings, his speed began to increase. In a few seconds, he was able to follow closely behind Austin


The Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect reached out to hit Austin from that distance. Runes glowed around his hand, and tremendous amount of vital energy force came rushing at Austin.

Bang! Austin activated his physical strength and aimed his fist at the formidable shock wave of vital energy that was approaching towards him.

The two powerful forces collided with each other violently.

With a loud rumble, the space began trembling dramatically. The sound of the clash was evidence of the power of those forces.

A mysterious force enveloped Austin completely.

All of a sudden, Austin felt like he had lost a lot of blood essence. He even felt as if he was a year older, which implied that his life expectancy had declined by a year.

'This sucks!

I suddenly feel like I have grown much older.

That boy must ha

tivators started to exhibit their best martial skills to attack one another.

Terrifying vital energy filled the area and brilliant runes glowed everywhere.

Adamant to have those herbs, Austin raised his hand up. Five sword auras of different colors appeared.

Every sword aura released bright runes, which illuminated the whole area of the garden.

He was employing the Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship.

The key advantage of mastering the Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship was that it could turn the power of five elements into sword light.

Not long ago, Austin had been meditating in the bamboo forest.

The golden runes in that bamboo forest contained original laws of the world. If one was able to understand those rules, it would become easier for him to figure out the others.

During that period in the bamboo forest, Austin had got a deeper understanding of the rules of five elements. He had learnt it better than what he had known earlier.

Therefore, the power of the Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship that Austin was displaying was far stronger than before.

The Five-element Sword Aura was released. It was of different colors and possessed overbearing power of the rules of five elements. It flew towards the four strong cultivators who had tried to grab that herb from Austin.

Sensing the great power that the sword aura unleashed, the four masters were extremely frightened. The only thing on their mind was to dodge the attack.

The moment they moved away to save their lives, Austin seized the opportunity and released his physical strength. He was successful in getting hold of that semi-omnipotent herb. Without looking back, he went after other semi-omnipotent herbs.

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