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   Chapter 1913 Intelligent Semi-Omnipotent Herbs

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Austin stared at the many herbs on his hands, counting the number and examining each herb. There were more than a thousand high grade superior herbs in total.

By now, he had accumulated more than five thousand superior herbs at the sixth grade, and even higher.

In order for him to practice the Immortal Body Refining Formula again, he would have to get another four thousand superior herbs at the sixth grade or above.

With this in mind, Austin went on walking forward.

The sun was up and glowed on the ground in front of him. It spread a floodlight among the flowers that were in full bloom, flaunting a parade of colors. The grass was bright green and enclosed the flowers everywhere. Giant trees surrounded the area with their towering height and threatening presence.

Apart from Austin, all the other cultivators had stopped picking herbs and went deep into the valley because there was no superior herbs left in that area.

As Austin continued with his walk, his eyes were fixed on a valley not too far away from him.

Along the valley was an old herb garden that was shrouded in divine light. It illuminated the entire place making it look magical. The dense spiritual energy rose from the ground and turned into water at mid-air and oozed in the air.

Austin could only stare at the herb garden in amazement.

Along the garden was a golden path, lined with superior herbs of high grade everywhere. It radiated with bright, colorful lights that magnified the beauty of the surrounding. Even if he was still far away from the garden, the intoxicating fragrance of the herbs lingered in his nose and made him feel like he was floating on air.

Austin sized up the place from where he stood, and he could envision at least tens of thousands of superior herbs in the garden.

He also found hundreds of intelligent herbs. They were running around, playing with each other.

'There are a few hundred semi-omnipotent herbs.'

Austin's heart skipped a bit.

In the East Mainland, the semi-omnipotent herb was extremely rare and precious.

But Austin could see it all the time since he entered the Fallen Immortal World. It seemed like the semi-omnipotent herb was not a priceless treasure but just a common herb in this place.

It was the first time that he had seen several hundred semi-omnipotent herbs.

As Austin fixed his gaze at the garden, he recognized a

the intelligent semi-omnipotent herb was superior to the common semi-omnipotent herb.

Intelligent semi-omnipotent herbs could transform into beasts or even human forms.

They could become the real omnipotent herbs.

The intelligent semi-omnipotent herb was much more valuable than the common ones.

A common semi-omnipotent herb had limited power and could not even evolve into the omnipotent herb.

With this realization, each of the cultivators became filled with joy. There was a frenzy of emotions among them as they tried to contain their excitement.

Everyone took a step forward and rushed towards the direction of the herb garden. Their minds filled with thrill and motivation.

Austin was not willing to fall behind the crowd. He ran towards the garden using his physical strength. .

The garden was hazy and was overflowing with vibrant colors. It was a peaceful and secluded place, filled with comfort and wonder.

Soon, they were near the herb garden.

Just then, a fierce roaring sound was heard from the distance.

The sound sent chills down their spine.

The cultivators looked at one another with questions in their eyes.

"What is that creature?"

Everyone stopped and looked forward.

Out of nowhere, thousands of gigantic monsters suddenly appeared around the garden.

The monsters were enormous, up to four or five meters high. Each had the head of a wolf and the body of a human being. They had strong muscular limbs.

They were covered in red, long, thick fur. They glared at the group of people in front of them with cold ferocious eyes.

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