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   Chapter 1912 Public Enemy

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Arriving at the abyss, Austin looked out from the rock he perched on. Single-plank bridges ran across the endless darkness and people were being herded across them like sheep. Squinting his eyes, Austin noticed that they were all disciples of the famous sects and the four schools in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

Each single-plank bridge was guarded by senior cultivators, and all the ones from the other four regions of the Divine Continent were blocked. Austin could see some of the cultivators as they argued to use the bridges, but the elders remained stoic and didn't answer their questions.

Even though the cultivators from the other four regions did not agree the arrangement, they had no choice. Those people of the Middle Pilgrim Land were strong and their fighting skills were advanced. If the cultivators from the other four regions were to fight against them, even if the former worked together, it would be unlikely that they would emerge victorious.

Before a battle could take place, the people of the Middle Pilgrim Land had passed the abyss, and the others were allowed to cross the single-plank bridges.

Seeing this, Austin jumped from the rock and sneaked into the line of the cultivators. Finally, he was able to cross the abyss.

On the other end of the bridge, a valley filled with spiritual energy spread out in front of them. It was already crowded with people, but that didn't discourage the newcomers.

Brown mountains hugged the horizon. They weren't very tall and purple spiritual energy floated off the tops of them like steam from a kettle. The entire place resembled a fairyland one would find depicted in a storybook.

In the distance, a purple cliff rose and vines glinted in the light. The aroma of high-grade superior herbs wafted through the air.

It was a pure land, peaceful and intimate. There weren't any poisonous insects or beasts present. It was home of thousands of rare superior herbs and precious natural materials, all found in the gaps of the mountain walls. At a glance, everything had a mesmerizing purple glow.

"Wow, there are so many treasures here!

Let's collect until there are none left!"

The cultivators nodded in approval and split off in different directions, rushing to collect as much as possible.

A lot of the treasures had already been picked off around the entrance of the valley. The unfair head start of the people of the Middle Pilgrim Land and the four schools had worked in their favor.

Austin felt pleasure course through his veins as he joined the group entering the valley. He would be rich by

just to show off and then climbed the other side of it and grabbed all the superior herbs before they were even halfway.

When those cultivators finally reached the top of the mountain, Austin had already left.

"Son of a bitch! Stop!"


I am going to kill that damned boy when I can catch up to him!"

They all began yelling until it all blurred into noise that no one could decipher.

While he was collecting treasures, Austin also met the people of the Flame Holy Land, the beast race, the fire crow race, Ward's bandit team, and even the Deep Sea Commercial House.

They were the exception to his mission. Whenever he came across them, he would help them instead of robbing them.

He didn't have many people on his side at this point, but he hoped he could rely on them if a battle occurred.

Everyone was glaring at Austin angrily, including the people from sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land, the four schools, and the other four regions of the Divine Continent.

"Everybody, we need to catch this guy before he takes all the treasures for himself!"

"Right! He's unbeatable alone. Guys, we need to unite against him. The superior herbs and the precious natural materials that he just obtained are much better than what we have in both quantity and quality."

"Don't run, brat! Stop!"

"Boy, you will die!" "Shit! Leave your treasures!"

Immediately, many people began chasing after Austin.

"Uh oh! Damn it! I think I took things too far.

I'd better leave now," murmured Austin.

He was well aware of the impossibility of dealing with a large number of cultivators on his own.

At the thought of this, Austin had no choice but to leave the area and move deeper into the valley.

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