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   Chapter 1911 Waking Up

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"What a pity! That guy has already gained deep insights into the law power. It only means that he is a genius. It's just sad that he was killed while meditating."

Some cultivators felt pity for Austin secretly.

However, most people took pleasure in his misfortune.

"Humph! Even if he is a talented cultivator, so what? A dead person is not a real genius at all."

The cultivators had different opinions. But to everyone's surprise, something happened suddenly.


In the bamboo forest, the black ancient seal that had engulfed Austin exploded and shattered into pieces. All the black energy disappeared in an instant and the sky became crystal clear. Only the golden runes were left in the sky and continued to move around Austin.

At the same time, the Holy Heritor of the Heavenly Mysterious Sect trembled slightly. Blood seeped through the corner of his mouth.

"That brat is still fine?!" "I can't believe this!"

"Those runes are actually protecting him!"

The people around were stunned. All the while, they thought that Austin was already dead.


All of a sudden, the golden runes around Austin went berserk and spun faster.

Then the runes rushed out in all directions.

"This is not good. Run!"

The cultivators were all scared to death. They had already witnessed the strength of these runes. None of them would want to experience it so they ran away as fast as they could.

"Here in bamboo forest, no one can hurt that guy. Those damn runes are protecting him!" shouted someone.

In the blink of an eye, the space that was full of people earlier became deserted.

Everyone including the people from the Heavenly Mysterious Sect had run away.

"Humph! I know that you cannot hide in this damn bamboo forest forever. When the day comes that you get out of here, I will definitely make you pay for what you have done!" said the Holy Son of the Heavenly Mysterious Sect angrily.

He then used his bodily movement skill to leave. But before he could totally disappear, he turned his head and stared at Austin who was still sitting on the ground. He couldn't help but gnash his teeth with fury.

The disciples of the Heavenly Mysterious Sect were also overwhelmed with rage.

The bamboo forest

l taken by others."

Austin understood what the gnome had said.

He shouldn't waste opportunities ahead of them.

"You're right. Let's go."

Austin nodded and rushed forward.

After a while, the bamboo forest in front of them began to be sparse. The mist pervaded the whole space which made it more difficult to be seen clearly.

Austin started walking out of the bamboo forest.

A few moments later, all the fog disappeared in an instant.

Austin found that many cultivators were already exploring ahead of them.

An abyss soon appeared in front of him. It was pitch-black and shrouded by mist. He couldn't see what was going on deep down there. Even his spiritual senses couldn't penetrate in it.

At the edge of the abyss gathered a lot of cultivators. Some cultivators were walking carefully above the abyss.

Getting closer, Austin saw there were several single-plank bridges above the abyss. They were simple bridges made of ancient black wood.

Before Austin came out of the bamboo forest, he had changed his appearance using the Aura Disguising Skill. Violet had also cast an illusion in his spiritual sense.

So now Austin disguised himself as another young man who looked completely different. His appearance was so ordinary that no one could recognize him.

All the cultivators were carefully passing through the single-plank bridges.

Austin also walked to the side of the abyss and lined up. He readied himself to pass through the single-plank bridge as well.

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