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   Chapter 1910 Law Power

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"What's going on? How did master survive?" Violet murmured with her eyes wide open in astonishment. The hands that had been covering her eyes were spread open and she was peering through the spaces in her fingers.

"I can't believe it. Those runes were protecting master?" Violet exclaimed, turning to smile at the gnome.

Their faces were a mixture of ecstasy and confusion as they watched Austin still meditating on the grass.

"I know what happened!

Those runes aren't ordinary ones. They were in the bamboo forest for a reason.

I remember learning that when powerful masters from the ancient times died, the law power that they practiced would remain where they had passed away

A very strong master must have died in this bamboo forest, and the law power he learnt was turned into these shiny runes.

Master is so talented that he understood these runes and built a connection with the law power in the forest.

He learned how to control the law power in this bamboo forest.

That explains how they protected him even when he couldn't consciously do it himself,"

Brady explained, feeling more excited by the minute.

He had been born more than a hundred thousand years ago so he had experienced a lot and knew many things.

"I see,"

Violet and the gnome replied, not fully understanding what he was saying but nodding their heads anyway.

Law power was advanced and mysterious to most cultivators.

They had never witnessed it until now so it was very foreign to them. However, they were just happy that Austin was safe from harm.

Brady was sure that he was right about it being the law power but there was a chance he was incorrect.

Despite being at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, he only knew a thing or two about the law power.

"Get him! He killed Rudi! He deserves to die!"

In the middle of the celebration, they had nearly forgotten the dozen principal disciples of the Heavenly Mysterious Sect that were running at Austin, ready to murder him.

They were a part of one of the most powerful ancient sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land. It was important that they upheld their importance and avenged their dead. Austin had killed a principal discipl

is head.

A black, massive seal appeared in the sky and it glowed and hissed terribly.


As the Holy Son shouted, the space around them shook violently. Cracks appeared in the air as energy was sucked towards the black seal like a vacuum. Around it, a whirlpool formed that resembled a black hole, swallowing everything around it.

When it had reached its maximum capacity, it lowered from the sky and enveloped over Austin, eating him too.

As it rose again, everyone could see that Austin had disappeared. There was only a whirling, black hole made from energy left in the bamboo forest.

The heaven and earth shook around them.

Feeling nervous, the cultivators stood with their arms extended, trying to keep their balance.

However, the cultivators from the other four regions couldn't help but marvel at the strength of the Holy Son of the Heavenly Mysterious Sect.

"Ha-ha! That guy had it coming. He was nothing but a pretender, and now look at him! Our Holy Son slayed him."

"Hmm... that weakling was lucky. If it were up to us, we would have taken him alive and tortured him in the cruelest ways as punishment for offending our sect."

"Quick! Find out the identity of the weakling and then kill everyone in the sect which he belonged to!"

The remaining disciples from the Heavenly Mysterious Sect felt pleased, cheering and bursting into laughter. They were convinced that Austin had died at the hands of their Holy Son.

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