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   Chapter 1909 Deep State Of Enlightenment

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After a while, the bamboo forest called more people to it. Warriors walked and travelled using bodily movement skills to the entrance and they flowed inside in ending rows.

It didn't take long for the place to fill with a large, noisy crowd. Speaking was all but forbidden in the bamboo forest but none of these warriors seemed to care.

"There are so many people here! This is annoying!"

"Leave them alone. Let's get inside."

"Yes. Listen to him. This isn't important. The real opportunity is still ahead of us so let's hurry up."

Annoyed, the disciples of the old sects and students of the four schools in the Middle Pilgrim Land that had been sitting and practicing mediation rose to their feet. They glared at the warriors as they made a path through them, marching loudly.

The environment was intended for silence, and this was anything sounded like a parade. However, before they could scold the newcomers, something else caught their eye.

"Oh my! That guy over there is glowing! Look at his head!"

one of them shouted, pointing excitedly at the far corner of the bamboo forest. Sitting with his legs crossed and his eyes shut was Austin, deep in mediation.

"Brilliant! It looks like he's entered the deep stage of enlightenment."

"How is that possible? It's so rare that only a genius at the top of every skill could reach it."

"That's right. This guy looks like a cultivator of the Minor-perfection Realm. He's not a master, yet he is able to get such insights. That must mean he is a little talented.

"Who is this guy? Why can't I recall there being a genius like him in the Middle Pilgrim Land?"

"I can't either. I have met all the influential geniuses in the sects and four schools. I'm sure he isn't among them."

"He must be from another place of the Divine Continent."

The people that had been meditating all turned and stared at Austin. Meanwhile, he was oblivious to the curious looks he was receiving.

The fact that he could comprehend things in the deep stage was so rare that they couldn't even blink. It was only legend, and no one had seen it done before, until now.

As they watched, some of them filled with shock and others filled with envy.

The young cultivators who hadn't been fans of Austin from the moment he had walked in were the most jealous.

They had spent hours practicing meditation but they were year

ir direction and began flying towards the principal disciple of the Heavenly Mysterious Sect.

One at a time, they turned in mid-air and pointed at him like the tips of swords.

The principal disciple opened his mouth to yell and run, but it was too late.

A hundred runes hit him, stabbing through his flesh and leaving holes in his entire body. Blood dripped down as he fell and landed face down on the ground.

There wasn't even time for a scream to leave his lungs.

It was all over in seconds and no one around could believe what they had seen.

"What's going on?"

"How did the runes attack someone on their own? Are they possessed?"

No one seemed to have the answers.

The principal disciple laid at his feet and they didn't understand why. He had wanted to disturb Austin's meditation but someone or something had wanted to stop him.

"Oh, no! Rudi is dead!"

"You bastard! How dare you kill our people!"

Understandably, the people of the Heavenly Mysterious Sect were outraged and embarrassed.

There were hundreds, if not more, people in the bamboo forest and the principal disciple had been killed quickly and mercilessly. Within seconds, all Heavenly Mysterious Sect disciples' eyes turned to look at Austin.

The Heavenly Mysterious Sect was an ancient sect in the Middle Pilgrim Land. Its disciples were all arrogant and they weren't willing to accept being humiliated in front of the other sects.

"We must kill this man to avenge Rudi!"

someone yelled, causing some of the disciples of the Heavenly Mysterious Sect to march towards Austin.

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