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   Chapter 1907 The Portal On The Peak

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"Bloody hell!"

"They have got most of the dragon blood crystals!"

"Damn it! They are a bunch of thieves. They have not only taken the dragon blood crystal but they also stole my Space Ring. Half of what I found in the Fallen Immortal World is in it."

"Those goddamn bastards! I'd spent so much time and energy to collect all those treasures in the Fallen Immortal World. But now they have taken half of them away!"

The top of the hill was in an angry uproar.

Soon, the third stage of World Sealing Tabooed Magic displayed by Austin's demonic avatar lost its effect.

The cultivators could move again.

The strong ones among them got rid of the sealing power in less than two seconds.

"I'm going to kill them!"

The disciples of the old sects and the students of the four martial arts schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land were the first group to free themselves from the sealing power. With a cold and murderous look in their eyes, they immediately used their bodily movement skills to chase after Austin.

"How dare they steal my Space Ring! I will not let you go," the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect declared through his gritted teeth. His eyes were simmering with rage.

His golden halberd released a tremendous amount of energy while radiating with dazzling golden light. He held onto his weapon and chased in the direction that Austin had fled.

It was not the first time he'd had a conflict with Austin. After what Austin had done to him now, there was nothing more he wanted than Austin's dead body under his feet.

The gnome had stolen his Space Ring because he'd known that the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect had issues with Austin. It was clear that he wanted to avenge Austin.

Apart from him, the gnome also robbed the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect, Ezra of the Blue Dragon School and the Holy Son of the Nether Sect of their Space Rings.

The gnome not only possessed a great level of spatial power, but also speed. In fact, He was even faster than Austin when he activated his bodily movement skill.

That was the reason why gnome and Bray had snatched away the Space Rings of many cultivators.

With angry yells, the cultivators whose Space Rings had been stolen released a terrifying vital

vators failed to find Austin even though they tried using their spiritual senses to find him in the crowd several times.

An hour later, the cultivators gave up searching and dispersed slowly.

Even the members of the top-notch sects and the four martial arts schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land started to leave.

After all, there were still many places waiting for them to explore and no one wanted to waste too much time to look for Austin and his companions.

Only the cultivators who had lost their Space Rings stayed back to search desperately for Austin. They were unwilling to abandon their search without trying their best.

But an hour later, they finally gave up too.

By this time, Austin had already left with other cultivators.

He went straight back to the hill.

At the peak of the hill, there was a portal.

"I guess this portal will lead us to a small space."

The gnome's voice echoed in Austin's Soul Sea.

"You're right. Teleportation power keeps coming out from that portal."

Austin nodded.

He had chosen to come back because of the portal.

Just then, figures came there one by one. Within moments, a large group of people had gathered near the hill.

Austin found that most of these people were the members of the old, top sects and the four martial arts schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land.

Their eyes were fixed on the portal on the top of the hill.

'It seems that these people know something about this portal, '

Austin surmised.

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