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   Chapter 1906 Vie For The Dragon Blood Crystals

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Austin arrived first mostly due to his rapid flying speed and efficiency.

He waved his sleeve and took one dragon blood crystal to his hand.

Then, he observed it closely and tried to feel its power.

The dragon blood crystal contained an amazing blood essence. It was surrounded by a wisp of a mist-like fairy spirit that made it look miraculous and hazy.

Austin was busily observing the crystal when a group of fierce figures suddenly came up behind his back one after another.

He scanned the whole mountain and found hundreds of dragon blood crystals scattered everywhere.

As he looked around, he saw more than ten thousand warriors approaching the mountain.

He suddenly felt irritated. He knew that under such circumstances, he would only be able to get a few dragon blood crystals.

'Damn it! I need to get these dragon blood crystal as much as I can. I needed a lot of these to cultivate the Immortal Body Refining Formula.

Now, I have to think of a way to get a large number of these all by myself.'

Austin's mind was racing fast while he was in front of the precious dragon blood crystals.

He thought of using the water of the Immortal Burial Sea so that he could easily defeat the cultivators and then quickly collect the crystals.

But then he realized that his Sky-devouring Gourd Cask now contained only a small amount of water from the Immortal Burial Sea.

Austin was only left with a small quantity of water from the Immortal Burial Sea because he had already used it for so many times.

He cherished every drop of water from the Immortal Burial Sea because it was his most powerful trump card.

Aside from that, once he used the water from the Immortal Burial Sea, his real identity would be exposed, and everyone would attack him immediately.

He was not confident that he could deal with tens of thousands of enemies all on his own.

"Oh! I almost forgot about the demonic avatar!"

Austin's face immediately lit up as the idea came into his mind.

While Austin was busily planning his next move, more cultivators were continuously approaching the small mountain

Fierce battles broke out as they scramble for the dragon blood crystals.

The dragon blood crystal was a rare treasure. According to the legends, it contained the blood of the divine real dragon. Any warrior

ve of his hand, the Space Ring would fly out the warriors' body and fell into his hands.

"These two are crazy! They just need to take the dragon blood crystals, but they even took their Space Rings. They are really courting trouble.

I guess these warriors are now going crazy."

Austin's mouth twitched.

The situation suddenly changed.

All the warriors around Austin were instantly sealed.

Aside from their swift movement, Austin and his group were all well prepared.

So in less than a minute, most of the dragon blood crystals had fallen into the hands of Austin's team.

"Ok guys! Time is up. Let's go!"

Austin sent the message to his team before 2 seconds passed.

After they got Austin's message, they immediately went back to his side.

They knew that what they had done was quite serious.

Soon, they would have to face the wrath of more than 10000 warriors.

Austin then used his spiritual sense to teleport his group to the Slave Tower.

Afterwards, he used the bodily movement skill that he created and took a step forward. He instantly disappeared. Then he desperately tried to distance himself away from the small mountain.

Austin thought about the Space Teleportation. If he could only use it at that moment, he could have passed through the chaotic void and hide in there. Sadly, he couldn't use that skill at the Immortal Burial City.

Howls of anger burst out all at once.

As soon as Austin used his bodily movement skill and disappeared, the towering rage from the small mountain suddenly erupted.

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