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   Chapter 1905 Dragon Blood Crystal

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6969

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Thanks to his strong spiritual sense, Austin could hear what those cultivators were saying.

'Wow, really? More than fifty semi-omnipotent herbs, a dozen semi-divine pills, and seven ultimate magical treasures.

There are so many priceless treasures in the city!' he thought in shock.

As Austin and his companions continued their journey to search for treasures, they couldn't help but scream in excitement.

If they were to pass an area flocked by cultivators, it meant that valuable treasures could be found in it. So once they did, they would immediately halt and dash in to search too.

And Austin was not worried to be recognized at all since he was in disguise, and Brady had erased the mark left by Elder Cowell inside him.

True enough, after a while of searching without getting caught, he had acquired a lot of precious items, including pills, magic treasures, crystals, and even a few martial art books.

At the same time, Peacock Princess, her maids, and Bray also had an abundant harvest.

Although they––and the other cultivators––had gotten a lot of treasures, there was more to the city than that.

In fact, it was so massive that none of the cultivators have reached its center yet, although they were heading towards its deepest part.

Meanwhile, as all of them scrambled to grab as many treasures as they could, something happened in the deepest part of the city.

From it shot a bright red light up to the sky, penetrating through the clouds.

In an instant, the light dyed the whole city red.

Indistinctly, shadows of humungous dragons and phoenixes danced in the sky, creating a quite harmonious scene.

"Wow! What's that?"

"There must be some amazing treasures over there!"

"Come on! Let's go and have a look!"

Many cultivators rushed towards the area from where the red light appeared.

"Guys, let's take a look!"

With a wave of his hand, Austin led his companions towards that area too.

Meanwhile, a lot of Heavenly Grotto Realm masters stayed somewhere near the Immortal Burial City.

They were waiting for their dis

stones and turned them into those high-graded crystals.

Moreover, it also meant that a dragon blood crystal contained the blood essence of a real dragon.

A dragon was a sacred mythical creature with infinite magic power and omnipotent skills.

Even a tiny drop of its blood was considered a rare panacea to most cultivators.

Now, an enormous amount of it was shining on the top of the hill, making all the cultivators cheer in pure excitement.

Even Austin's eyes immediately lit up as they fell on those crystals.

'If I also use these dragon blood crystals when I cultivate the Immortal Body Refining Formula, the effect will surely be unimaginable, ' Austin brooded.

So without hesitation, he activated his self-invented bodily movement skill to make himself invisible.

This way, he could acquire more crystals without the other cultivators noticing him.

At the same time, the other cultivators had also started taking action.

None of them could wait any longer. Activating their bodily movement skills, they immediately headed towards the summit of the hill, ready to snatch the treasures at all costs.

The outstanding disciples of the old, influential sects and the excellent students from the four martial arts school of the Middle Pilgrim Land also prepared themselves.

Using the rune cards, they all dashed towards the top of the hill at full speed.

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