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   Chapter 1904 Healing The Wounds

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"Brady, it seems that someone left a mark on my body,"

Austin uttered, and his voice was a little concerned.

He felt that something was wrong since the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect immediately recognized him as the one who murdered Elder Cowell.

Even a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm should not be able to recognize him given his current disguise.

Yet the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect did so with relative ease, and Austin knew there was only one explanation for it.

He was marked so that everyone from the Unworldly Sect would be able to recognize him.

So, immediately, Brady released his spiritual sense to check Austin's body.

"Yes, master. You are indeed tagged by a mysterious mark,"

Brady said after initially checking Austin's body.

As a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm with more than a hundred thousand years' experience and knowledge, he soon discovered the tracking mark on Austin.

He waved his hand, and a stream of vital energy force hovered over the latter.

As a result, Austin felt like something was erased and lifted from his body.

"Don't worry, master. I have eliminated the mark,"

Brady informed reassuringly.

"Well, that's good,"

Austin answered, breathing a sigh of relief.

If the mark was erased, he was confident that the people of the Unworldly Sect would not recognize him anymore.

Because if they did, it would cause a lot of trouble for him now and then.

After being assured that the mark was removed entirely, Austin started to heal himself.

He had been hit a lot of times, and it caused some minor damages and wounds on his body.

Although Austin had completed the nine rounds of the Immortal Body Refining Formula and become stronger, those who attacked him were all strong cultivators with horrible fighting abilities.

Although his injuries were not very severe, he still needed to recuperate.

So, he took out several high-grade superior pills and put them into his mouth.

Then he took out another jade bottle, poured half bottle of azure liquid into his mouth.

The azure liquid was the Magic Sea Water.

He had acquired it from the Prime Martial World not too long ago.

That was all he had left.

He only had three or four bottles of the Magic Sea Water now.

Then, Austin sat cross-legged in meditation

tin didn't need to be worried that someone could easily recognize him.

As for the Peacock Princess, maids of the beast race, and Bray, they all changed their appearance just like Austin did.

Although their disguises were not as great as the latter's, they were enough to cover up their real features. If people weren't intentionally scrutinized, it would be difficult for them to know their true identities.

"Let's go!"

Austin led them to the depths of the city.

While on their way, they heard several commotions and discussions.

"Oh my god! There are so many treasures in the Immortal Burial City. It is said that fifty to sixty semi-omnipotent herbs have been found here!

Besides that, they have also found a dozen semi-divine pills, which were even more valuable.

But unfortunately, they have been all divided amongst the talented disciples from the old sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land and the genius disciples from the four schools."

"It's also reported that seven ultimate magical treasures have been found.

Three of them were taken away by a mysterious young man, and nobody knows who he is!"

"Now, the disciples of the old sects and the four major schools all issued orders that everyone should go look for that young man.

Once anyone finds something, we should report to them immediately as there will be massive rewards."

"Damn it! How could that guy be so lucky? He got three ultimate magical treasures all by himself!"

A lot of warriors flocked to hunt for treasures while discussing the recent events.

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