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   Chapter 1903 Three Ultimate Magical Treasures In Hand

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The fighting power of these masters was extremely terrible. In fact, they were so powerful that even the master of the Heavenly Grotto Realm didn't dare to resist their attack with his own body.

But in spite of this, Austin's body only suffered a few minor injuries after being hit with five or six powerful attacks at the same time.

Naturally, all the warriors were stunned and couldn't believe what they saw.

"Damn it. I was too careless," Austin muttered to himself after being attacked.

Without further ado, he moved out of the palace as fast as he could using his bodily movement skill. At the same time, he also took out several superior pills for healing and put them in his mouth.

The powerful men behind him chased after him at once.

"Stop him!

Don't let him get away!"

The strong cultivators who were chasing Austin kept shouting.

"What happened?"


Meanwhile, in the front hall, the cultivators who were scrambling for the advanced magical treasures heard the noise coming from the innermost part of the hall, and even though they were confused, they stepped forward to stop Austin.

"Fuck off!"

Without any hesitation, Austin immediately took out the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask and poured black sea water in front of him.


screamed the cultivators who stood in Austin's way as they all fell to the ground.

"Austin, what happened?" the Peacock Princess asked.

With her sharp eyes, she immediately recognized that the man running was Austin.

When she noticed that Austin was being chased by several strong cultivators, she was stunned and couldn't help but ask what was happening.

Upon seeing what was happening, Bray and the maids of the beast race also rushed towards Austin.

"I don't have much time to answer your questions. Let's talk about it later,"

Austin said to the Peacock Princess. Then, he activated his mind power at once to transfer all of them—the Peacock Princess, Bray, and the maids—into the Slave Tower.

After that, Austin immediately took the Slave Tower and hastily tried to get out of the palace.

As he was doing this, Austin tried several times to get into the chaotic void. However, to his surprise, he found that he couldn't do so.

"Boy, you'd better run as fast as possible. It looks like there's some kind of space restriction rule in this city which is keeping you from travelling through space.

I actually felt

or become smaller.

Austin made it smaller and smaller until it looked like just another grain of sand on the ground. This way, no one would discover it.

In the ninth floor of the cultivation room in the Slave Tower, Austin appeared.

In front of him were the three ultimate magical treasures.

"Great, the ultimate magical treasures."

As he looked at the three ultimate magical treasures in front of him, Austin still couldn't help but feel shocked. He couldn't believe that he was able to get three ultimate magical treasures in such a short time.

They were the ultimate magical treasures! They were not the cheap magic treasures sold in the stores on the street.

In the East Mainland, each of the three holy lands and three noble clans only had one ultimate magical treasure.

And with only one ultimate magical treasure, they were able to dominate the East Mainland.

But now, Austin had three ultimate magical treasures in his hand.

The Flame Holy Land also had an ultimate magical treasure, so Austin knew a little about ultimate magical treasures.

There was one rule in using ultimate magical treasures: the user's strength must be above the Major-perfection Realm to activate the ultimate magical treasure.

If warriors under the Major-perfection Realm were in possession of an ultimate magical treasure, they still would not be able to activate it.


With a sound, Brady appeared beside Austin.

"You are so lucky to have obtained three ultimate magical treasures in such a short time,"

Brady praised Austin as he looked at the three ultimate magical treasures.

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