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   Chapter 1901 The Scheme Of The Holy Son Of The Unworldly Sect

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All the cultivators there stared at Austin as their eyes lit up with excitement.

"I had no idea this guy had such precious treasures. He looks like a nobody,"

the young man in gray clothes said, staring suspiciously at Austin.

The young man was Ezra Xiao, a talented student from the Blue Dragon School Austin remembered meeting him a while ago.

He could sense that Ezra and other cultivators there were most interested in his divine silkworm.

"Guys, he somehow managed to get seawater of the Immortal Burial Sea. That's unheard of!

He must have used the gourd cask that is in his hand to collect it," a twelve-year-old boy piped up, staring at the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask in Austin's hand.

He was the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect.

"You have a point!"

Immediately, the gazes of all the cultivators rested on the gourd cask. Austin pulled it closer to his chest.

"Is the gourd cask an amazing treasure too?"

another young man asked, eyeing it carefully.

"And what about the herbal pot? It's so heavy! It must be an amazing magic treasure. He just killed so many people using it with hardly any effort," another strong cultivator cut in, staring at the Pot of Chaos in Austin's hand.

Feeling worried, Austin took a step back. He was prepared to hide his treasures and run if he didn't have any other choice.

"You're right. This is the pot that can win against a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm,"

the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect said, narrowing his eyes.

Austin had known this would be brought up eventually. After all, he had killed Elder Cowell of the Unworldly Sect in the desert with the help of his Pot of Chaos. The young man was the son of the leader of the Unworldly Sect who had fled using the Teleportation Rune.

He must have been the person that told the Holy Son about what Austin had done.

Over the last few days, Austin had been cleverly avoiding the people of the Unworldly Sect who had been trying to hunt him down. He was hated among the people and they wanted to kill him in the most violent way possible.

The Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect had never expected to meet Austin here, and even though he knew what Austin had done to the members of his sect, he waited patiently for the right moment to attack him.

Since Austin possessed so many powerful treasures and weapons, it would be foolish to assume that just because he was at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm, that he would be weaker.

He had taken down Elder Cowell using the seawater of the Immortal Burial Sea, so he was not to be underestimated. The Holy Son was determined to be smarter than Elder Cowell had been.

He had a plan. The mention of the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask was made on purpose.

Once the strong cultivators had interest in Austin's treasures, they would all band to

's jaw dropped. Instead of throwing it again, the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect pointed it upwards and bright runes rose out of it and covered the ceiling.

"You can't get away with killing the elder and disciples of my sect. Pay with your life!"

the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect declared coldly.


He followed his words with another attack. The golden halberd in his hand glistened as he swung it at Austin. So much energy flowed from the weapon that the force of it almost knocked Austin over.

"Hand over that gourd cask!"

the gloomy voice of the Holy Son of the Nether Sect said over the noise of the battles.

The smell of death followed him as he approached Austin, making Austin's nose wrinkle in disgust. A whipping sound cut through the air as a dark chain flung out from the middle of the Holy Son of the Nether Sect's body. A black stream of light hit the ceiling and directed towards Austin.

At the same time, two powerful cultivators tackled Austin, knocking him off his feet. The black light pounded the floor where he had been standing seconds ago.

Angered, Austin enlarged his right arm to its full potential and grabbed his Pot of Chaos. He quickly crushed the two cultivators who had tackled him with it.

Clung! Clung!

The golden halberd and the black chain had both swung at him and hit the Pot of Chaos at the same time with a loud noise.

Due to the impact, Austin was forced to take several steps backward.

'They are amazing…'

Austin thought to himself, staggering to stand straight.

'Now I see why they were qualified to be the Holy Sons of the two old, influential sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land. My Pot of Chaos won't be strong enough to fight them off.'

While he did his best to ward off the dark chain using his pot, the Holy Son of the Nether Sect released the aura of death that surrounded Austin and began to hit him.

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