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   Chapter 1900 It's Him

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"Come on!"

one of the cultivators bellowed before he charged forward. The atmosphere was tense and excited and all the people were antsy to get inside.

Rushing towards the gate, they pushed and squeezed through the entrance.

The moment the people entered the palace, they were stopped by a dim purple mist that was hovering above the floor and seeping into the air. It didn't appear dangerous so they walked into it.

Visibility was immediately decreased so much that they couldn't see their hands in front of their faces. They walked around with their arms outstretched, trying to avoid each other and the items and walls within the palace. The use of their spiritual sense was also useless against the purple mist.

After walking through a couple rooms, the mist slightly lifted and they could see clearly again. The room they had entered resembled a large, wide hallway. On every wall, there were shelves with weapons and magical treasures displayed on them.

"Oh my God! It's true! Look at the advanced magical treasures in here!"

Within seconds, the cultivators who had made it through the mist charged at the shelves. There were plenty of shelves there but they were all greedy and didn't care to share with the people they had just battled with.

While they scrambled for the items on the shelves, fights broke out among them. Blood spilled, teeth hit the floor, and some of the shelves were broken in the chaos.

Even though they had fought side-by-side, they were aware the entire time that they would battle each other for the treasures. The more battles they won, the more treasures they could claim; it was a no-brainer.


The energy used in the fights sent waves through the air, rippling outwards and knocking other cultivators off their feet. The room filled with the sound of screaming and anger.

Meanwhile, the strongest warriors ignored the advanced treasures and snuck into the depths of the palace.

According to several survivors who had once broken into the palace, the three ultimate magical treasures were hidden at the depths of the palace.

The five puppets, who were at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, were normally guarding in the depths of the palace, but when they had broken in, a distraction was put in place and the five men chased after the intruders.

Entering the palace, Austin dodged the battles and found the entrance to the depths of the palace.

His goal was only to get those few ultimate magical treasures.

Austin was moving towards the depths of the palace. On the way, he saw that the hall was very spacious and that only a few strong warriors were rushing in.

Those weaker warriors knew it would be more practical for them to stay outside and rob some advanced magical treasures.

Just then, a voice yelled at Austin and stopped him from moving forward.

"Wait a second! What are you doing down here? You're only at the Minor-p

causing the others to press further into the wall.

As he walked closer to the people, a frown overtook his face. He bared his teeth and took out the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask from his Space Ring. Then, he shook the cask to his front.


Dark sea water emerged from it and spewed towards the warriors. They scattered but there weren't a lot of places to hide in the room.

Screams of agony filled the room as

more than a dozen cultivators were touched by the sea water. They rolled on the ground and cried miserably.

The power of the water from the Immortal Burial Sea was terrifying that even the masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm avoided it.

Austin watched with satisfaction on his face as a couple of cultivators melted into blood.

If only their hands or feet were splashed by the water, some of the stronger warriors gritted their teeth and chopped them off. It was either that or immediate death.

Over half of the cultivators were dead or too hurt to fight him so the space in front of the treasures was empty.

He had started to approach it when someone broke the silence.

"Stop! This is the seawater of the Immortal Burial Sea!

It's you again!"

a man with a golden halberd in his hand snarled and stared coldly at Austin.

Austin recognized the man as the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect.

"I won't let you get away this time!"

he added, glaring at Austin and clenching the halberd in his fist.

"Wait. Maynard, is this boy you mentioned to us? The one that stole the divine silkworm?"

a young man in grey said as he stared at Austin with great interest.

"Yes, it's him.

He also took the divine wine from us,"

the Holy Son replied coldly.

"What? The divine silkworm is owned by this guy?!"

a strong master exclaimed in shock.

The atmosphere in the room had changed drastically. They were no longer afraid of Austin; they wanted to kill him and take his treasures.

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