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   Chapter 1899 Work Together

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In the Divine Continent, each sect owned a top-grade magic weapon— but not all of them the ultimate magical treasure, which represented the strength of their sect.

Even in the larger sects, an ultimate magical treasure was considered to be very valuable among its cultivators.

The Middle Pilgrim Land, the East Mainland, the West Desert, the South Mountain, and the North Plateau all held their own ultimate magical treasure and it would take armies to steal it from them.

So, when someone had mentioned an ultimate magical treasure being kept in the palace, everyone went nuts.

"If I can get my hands on an ultimate magical treasure, I'll be invincible!"

Austin shouted, staring at the towering, white and gold palace in the distance. His heart started pounding in his chest when he thought about the abundance of treasures behind its gate.

"Let's take cover and go see for ourselves."

Austin waved his hand over his body and gestured for Peacock Princess and the others to follow him.

As he ran, his body morphed into a disguise and his appearance bubbled into that of another person.

Austin had learned to combine his Aura Disguising Skill and Violet's illusion skill. It was such a powerful disguise that people of the Heavenly Grotto Realm couldn't even see through it by using their spiritual sense.

This skill advancement was useful because Austin could disguise himself in seconds no matter where he was or what he was doing, making it easier to sneak up on enemies.

As they approached the palace, it was bigger than they had originally guessed. Tall turrets spiraled towards the sky and the gold accents shone in the sunlight. Along the ground, strong spiritual energy crawled like a fog in all directions.

Above the gate of the palace was a large board with the two words 'Weapon Hall' written on it.

Walking towards the palace were hundreds of warriors and each one of them had a haze over their eyes, like they were hypnotized by the sight of it.

At the gate of the palace were hundreds of corpses. They were lying in pieces around the entrance of the gate in puddles of their own blood.

Five tall, middle-aged men dressed in black stood at the gate of the palace. Even though several people were approaching, they didn't react and their eyes remained forward. The entire gate was blocked by their bodies and there was no other way inside.

Since there was no one else around, it appeared the five men had killed all the people lying on the ground.

The new warriors hesitated. How powerful were these five men? They couldn't break into the palace until they had the answer to that question or they might also die trying.

"Are you sure there are really ultimate magical treasures in

d, pointing at the shield in front of the five men.

In anticipation, the rest of the cultivators looked and also saw that the shield was less powerful than when it had been cast.

With newfound hope, they increased the power of their attacks, and with every second, the light curtain grew dimmer and dimmer.

Smiles and laughter spread throughout the group. If they held on a little longer, they could actually win.

The five men appeared weak for the first time since the group had arrived.

Suddenly, one of the cultivators broke away from the group.


All eyes turned to him as he mounted a sword the size of a door and flew towards the gate. He screeched to the stop above the five men's heads.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

He lifted the big sword in his hand and thousands of sharp sword auras shot out of it. He pointed the sword at the men and the auras were sent spiraling at them.


Panic crossed their faces as the sword impaled the light curtain. As it burst open, one of them was too slow to duck and the sword chopped his head in two. Blood splattered against the gate.

With a battle cry, the hundreds of cultivators rushed forwards, now able to combat the men face-to-face. At that time, the power had already been drained from the four remaining men.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

It only took seconds to kill the men once they were now powerless.

The masters used magical treasures and martial arts to send their corpses to the ground.

As for those ordinary cultivators, no one dared to come close to the men.

After the five puppets were killed, excitement broke out in the crowd.

The palace was undefended and now the race for the treasures was on.

No matter the strength of the cultivators, they all rushed towards the gate of the palace as fast as they could.

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