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   Chapter 1898 Ultimate Magical Treasures

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After a few moments, the Holy Sons of the Black Inferno Sect and the Unworldly Sect, the Holy Daughter of the Moon Palace, and Ezra––a brilliant disciple of the Blue Dragon School––had arrived as well.

Those four highly capable cultivators stood beside each side of the stone table, each emitting a terrifying aura.

They were the well-known and excellent ones amongst the younger generation of cultivators in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

"Aha, I have an idea! Look, there are dozens of jars of the divine wine on the stone table. That's enough for all of us to split and drink.

So, how about we share them fair and square to avoid any conflict?

The Immortal Burial City is full of treasures, and we have a very high chance of finding more precious things. I don't think the wine is the best one here; there must be something more valuable.

Let's not waste too much time fighting over the wine here."

Dim moonlight shrouded the figure of the Holy Daughter of the Moon Palace. Her voice sounded sweet, yet melodious as a silver bell.

"I agree."

After a moment of silence, the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect took his time to nod in agreement.

Then the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect and Ezra from the Blue Dragon School followed suit, also consenting on the proposal.

Dozens of jars of the divine wine were placed on the stone table, certainly more than enough for four persons to share. So there was no need for them to battle over and run the risk of dying for the wine.

"Okay, so let's split the wine into four portions, and each of us will get an equal share of it," said the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect.

He then waved his hand to give off gentle vital energy towards the wine jars in an attempt to get his share. The other three persons swung their hands too, ready to fetch their part of the shares.

Suddenly, as they picked up their own liquids, a noise resounded.

Four water curtains, which were as dark as night, appeared out of nowhere and swiftly whirled towards each cultivator.

At the same time, a shadow materialized right above the stone table. With a swing of his sleeve, that person rolled up all the wine jars.

Of course, the only person who would pull up such stint was Austin.

Taking advantage of the moment––when all the four cultivators let down their guards as they were overjoyed with the divine wine––Austin took out the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask and suddenly splashed the seawater from the Immortal Burial Sea. At the same time, when all these were happening, he used his self-innovated bodily movement skill to conceal his body. He then jumped to the stone table and took possession of all the wine.

The four cultivators, realizing this, howled in anger.

They were infuriated by Austin's guts, not admitting to the fact that they really got distracted for a moment.

They were the martial art geniuses of the Middle Pilgrim Land famous for their brilliant skills. None of them expected that someone would be bold enough to go against them and s

ld not help but strode forward to touch the wine jars with gentleness and affection. The sweetness from the wine almost caused his mouth to water in thirst.

Seeing how the latter drooled over the wine, Peacock Princess and her maids giggled at his funny reaction.

"Austin, will you keep all the divine wine to yourself?"

Bray turned to look at Austin and asked.

"Don't worry. Everyone will have his share.

But, this is not the time to drink it now.

The wine will probably bring a breakthrough as soon as we gulp it.

We must use this time to search for treasures and opportunities that can improve our martial arts while we're here at the Immortal Burial City. So, there is no time for us to deal with a breakthrough."

Austin's eyes swept across everybody while speaking seriously.

Everyone seemed to have agreed with him, nodding their heads without any questions.

After being assured, Austin then led all of his companions out of the Slave Tower and headed deeper into the Immortal Burial City.

They collected a lot of treasures along the way.

The delight and glee were evident on everyone's faces as smiles flashed on their lips.

It was a big harvest, and they had gained a lot of valuable things after entering the city.

And this opportunity would not always come knocking on every cultivator's door. Indeed, it was such a great fortune for everyone in the team to have collected abundant treasures.

Half an hour had passed.

Without a sign, something stirred ahead, and countless figures were rushing towards that direction like locusts in magnitude.

"There is a hall for weapons ahead. I've heard it from the others, and they said there might be some ultimate magical treasures inside!"

Austin heard someone exclaim in surprise.

Just by mere mention, the words of 'ultimate magical treasures' provoked fervent discussions among the crowd.

Ultimate magical treasures!

Thinking of that possibility, almost everyone's heart missed a beat at the same moment.

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