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   Chapter 1897 The Divine Wine

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Austin heaved a sigh of relief. Most of the demonic cannibal cats were at the Minor-perfection Realm or the Major-perfection Realm. They were large in number and had moved so fast. Honestly speaking, the presence of thousands of them could be a great threat to anyone.

The battle among the rest of the men had gradually subsided. It had to! After all, at least tens of thousands of cultivators had entered the Immortal Burial City.

There were many of the cultivators, probably more than those demonic cannibal cats in number.

After the battle, there were innumerable bodies and pools of blood everywhere on the streets of the city. There were pieces of shattered body parts like legs and the stench of blood was floating in the air.

Very soon, all the cultivators ignored the carnage before their eyes and began to join the treasure hunt. They continued to rush towards all kinds of buildings and palaces that had not been explored yet.

The city was too large and still many parts remained unscathed. Since they came in, the people had only wandered in the periphery, far from the core area.

But in the outer area, almost everyone had harvested something including the most valuable of nature's gifts, superior herbs, superior pills and magic treasures. Some were even able to discover some secret manuals about high-level martial arts.

Austin had to admit and sigh that the Immortal Burial City was a good place for treasure hunt.

Austin, the Peacock Princess and other people also reaped a lot. Nearly everyone was able to make gains.

"The divine wine! I heard that the divine wine has been discovered in that palace!"

"Oh my God! Really? Let's go and take away the divine wine!"

"Damn it! Anything that has the word 'divine' is a treasure. Come on, let's go and grab the divine wine!"

not very far away from them, someone shouted and led his friends into a palace.

"The divine wine?"

Austin was stunned to hear those words.

"That's interesting! Let's go!"

Quite naturally, Austin's interest was aroused. He waved his hand and instantly rushed to the palace with the Peacock Princess and others.

Once they walked in the palace, they were amazed at what they saw. On a stone table of more than 20 square meters in width, there were dozens of jars. All seemed to be filled with wine.

Every wine jar was full of brilliant light, and the rays were glowing with red hue. They seemed to be fully charged with energy.

Although every wine jar was tightly protected, the pleasant smell of wine wafted out and seeped into the people's bones and soul through their noses.

As soon as a person rushed into the palace, he would get a slight smell of wine. But i

Although no one could see her real body clearly, everyone could see that she was a peerless beauty.

"Well, this is the Holy Daughter of the Moon Palace. It looks like they are going to fight for the divine wine,"

some cultivators who were outside the palace murmured in a low voice.

Apart from that, there were more than a dozen women following the Holy Daughter of the Moon Palace.

Austin narrowed his eyes and looked closely. One face looked familiar to him. Slowly he realized that one of the girls in that group was Isis.

"Ha ha! The aroma of wine can't help in stopping the mortals and immortals alike. There must be really some treasures related to immortal in the Immortal Burial City."

A young man dressed in purple, at the age of about twenty years old, appeared at the stone table, looking at the wine jars and praising them.

"Are you Ezra of the Blue Dragon School?"

someone in the palace gathered his courage and asked.


A few gasped in surprise.

Indeed he was Ezra, a famous genius from the Blue Dragon School. Even the elite disciples of the old noble sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land were afraid of him.

"The situation does not look good. These people are the elite disciples from the large noble sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land and the geniuses of the four major schools. They are coming here too!"

Austin watched all of the warriors as he stood in the corner of the palace with the Peacock Princess. They were not in a high position and nobody noticed them.

As the strength of those dozen people was only at the Minor-perfection Realm, it implied that they were totally ignored.

"Well, when the time is right, I'll take all these divine wine jars away!"

Determined, Austin made up his mind. He geared himself up and was ready to fight.

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