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   Chapter 1896 The Demonic Cannibal Cat

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Peacock Princess, her maids, and Bray were stunned for a moment as they looked at Austin. However, it did not last long as they soon came back to their senses and continued rushing to the medicine shelves.

Austin went straight to the corner and stopped right in front of the five jade bottles.

As he waved his sleeve, the five jade bottles all flew forward and floated before his eyes.

Then, he secretly used his vital energy to open one of the jade bottles.

"It's a ninth-grade superior pill!" he exclaimed, overjoyed.

He was not expecting a grade nine superior pill to come out of this jade bottle.

In the Divine Continent, it was said that the most brilliant pill refiner was the eighth-level superior pill refiner, and there were only a few of them. A ninth-level superior pill refiner had never been heard of before.

That was to say, no pill refiner in the whole Divine Continent could make ninth-grade superior pills.

Thrilled, Austin opened the other four jade bottles as well.

It turned out that each of the five jade bottles contained a grade nine superior pill.

"What a good day!"

Much to his surprise and delight, he had gotten ninth-grade superior pills!

Immediately, he put away those pills and decided to study them when he had time.

Meanwhile, Peacock Princess, her maids, and Bray had collected all the jade bottles in the palace and piled them up.

Then, they opened all of them to check if the superior pills inside were still useful.

There were more than a thousand jade bottles in total, and only the superior pills in over a hundred of them were well preserved.

The others were either rotten and or dusted out.

Peacock Princess divided those jade bottles with preserved superior pills into three parts equally and gave two parts to Austin and Bray.

After that, Austin led them out of the palace and continued their journey.

"Magic treasures! Ha-ha! The palace is full of magic treasures!"

"Oh my god! There are so many special ruling crystals! I'm so rich!"

"Hurry up. There are many books in that palace, which might record the profound martial skills handed d

tted teeth flashing.

"Go to hell, you beast!"

Austin yelled, throwing a punch at the cat and beating it to death.

He was surprised as he saw what happened next.

The dead demonic cannibal cat turned into a thick fog, only leaving a pool of dark blood.

"What's going on? Are they formed by an aura of death or something?"

Austin asked himself, curious.

Just then...

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Dozens of demonic cannibal cats were also coming towards Austin.

As they closed the distance, an aura of death penetrated the air.

"Watch out!"

Austin shouted.

With a wave of his hand, a jet of black light shot through the void. It was the Unrivaled Black Dagger.

In an instant, it cut off the heads of several demonic cannibal cats.

At the same time, Austin also took out the Pot of Chaos. Using his mind, he commanded it to hit the four or five demonic cannibal cats that were closest to him, smashing them into a pool of dark blood.

Peacock Princess, her maids, and Bray began launching their attacks on those demonic cannibal cats too.

But Austin put down most of them, crashing them one after another.

His Pot of Chaos took much credit for it as none of those demonic cannibal cats could survive its attacks.

As they kept all their pace in attacking, all the demonic cannibal cats that coming at them were killed in no time. At last, they could finally heave a sigh of relief.

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